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  1. Lavoaster

    Upgraded to prime, worse off

    When x10 changed it's free-hosting packages to unmetered and lowered the specs of everything else (Most stuff) I didn't opt to change from adenhanced-advanced since i was better off. Basically, i've paid to get double specs on my current account and i haven't. Such as, i currently have 7...
  2. Lavoaster

    If you have missing files

    Just because i know this forum will be flooded with "Wheres my file's?", that is if already has been flooded. X10 Took is taking a backup of your site and storing it on another server so they have that version. Now you come along and edit a file after they package it up so when they re-create...
  3. Lavoaster

    Question on mail()

    Since mail() is disabled. I'm just wondering if sending through smtp still works. (If it does :D All i need todo is find a script)
  4. Lavoaster

    Audio Length

    I'm trying to use php to find out the legnth of an audio file for a podcast site i help run, so i do not need to manually keep editing the xml feed to itunes. Now how using php can i do this easily. Preferably with examples. Thanks :)
  5. Lavoaster


    I'm not recieving mail using the php mail function? Any ideas Chopin Server cp user: halo Or Does Windows Live mail block emails from here?
  6. Lavoaster

    Linked forum accouts

    Is there a way of changing the forum account linked with your hosting account? because i want to use this account which i had before my new account
  7. Lavoaster

    Hot Link Protection Problem

    I try to edit my hotlink protection on my cpanel andf this comes up HotLink Protection There was an error while enabling hotlink protection. Show Details Apache detected an error in the Rewrite config. Syntax error on line 12 of...
  8. Lavoaster

    DB deleted

    I just deleted a important db I didn't back it up and i've lost all the work i've done on it and 190+ users on my game Could it be restored any how Cpanel username: lavoaste
  9. Lavoaster

    500 internal server error

    I am trying to set up a online radio and i found a scripts for a djpanel but when i goto the directory on my site it comes up with 500 internal server error cpanel username:lavoaste also the scripts are from
  10. Lavoaster

    Corey Needed

    Ok i think you will need to know about this
  11. Lavoaster

    Http Server Offline

    How long until the Server is online because i got better stuff todo(like looking for a new host) because i'm getting questions from my users on my game
  12. Lavoaster


    Hello Information cpanel username: lavoaste package:adfree Problem: After i requested a domain change to it says On stats Email Accounts 0/ and Mailing Lists 0/
  13. Lavoaster


    Can you please add my domain to my account please i've changed name servers and looking at the other posts you need to do it also can you make it the primary domain? username:lavoaste current package:adfree