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  1. javajenius

    Small 88x31 Logo needed, up to 200 credits

    Need a small 88x31 logo made (just some text, and maybe animation). Post here if you are good at making these small logos, and i will pm you the info. 100 - 200 credits, depending on how good it turns out. Thanks.
  2. javajenius

    [200 EASY Credits] Need someone to create some simple animated GIF images

    I need someone to create an animated gif of pacman. It needs to be moving its mouth up and down, you know like its eating the little pills or whatever. 4 images - facing up, down, right and left. Size is 30x30 pixels. This isnt too hard, but i dont know how to create animated gifs...
  3. javajenius

    200+ credits to make my webpage look better

    Im trying to create a layout similar to cPanel, but i cant seem to get it to look as good. Ill attach what i have so far, and you can change it to make it look better (i.e Color, Layout, Appearence in general). Depending on how good it looks, you can get 200 to all of my credits. Thanks...
  4. javajenius

    20 Credits to test out an applet im working on

    I need some people to test out(post some cpu stats) on an applet i've been working on. First of all, you must have java installed (1.5+). All you have to do is click on the following link: here and post the following information: Operating System Browser CPU/RAM CPU Usage caused by applet...
  5. javajenius

    [30 Creds] Quickest 30 credits you'll ever make, just register on my forum

    Just register on the forum, go to the website, under forums, then register. Post your username when you're done, you get 30 credits. Offer good until credits run out, you can only register 1 account, no posting required. My website: Thanks.
  6. javajenius

    [20 Credits] Put my website link in your sig.

    If you put the following link: Java Applet Help with Examples and Tutorials (links to in your signature, then i will give you 20 credits. Link must be up for at least 1 month. Thanks.
  7. javajenius

    [REQ][20 Creds] Put a link in your sig.

    Put the following in your sig. for 20 credits: Java applet help with tutorials and examples Java Applet Tutorial First one links to: Second one links to: Must be in sig for at least 1 month. Thanks. EDIT: Site...
  8. javajenius

    [REQ][200 creds] Need a banner for my website

    I need a banner to match my forum. Does not need to be too fancy, but needs to match with this forum link: Its going to replace the text where it says "Pearl Blue". Banner should have "Applet Help Forum" Thanks, 200 credits to the best one.
  9. javajenius

    [REQ][20 Creds] Post a suggestion on my forum

    My website is, and there i write java applets, which are small programs embedded into a web page. Im fresh out of program ideas, so i need some of you to sign up and post some ideas on my forum under the request category. Link to forum: 20 credits...
  10. javajenius

    Review My Website

    My website, is about java applets. Im still working on it, so if you find any broken links, dont worry about it. Thanks for the review!
  11. javajenius

    [REQ][150 Creds]Simple 468x60 banner

    I need a banner, 468x60. Something to do with java applets, my website is The rest is up to your imagination. Thanks, i will pick best one.
  12. javajenius

    [REQ][40 credits] Put my link in your signature

    Im giving 40 credits to every person that puts my link in their signature. The centered text should be: Free java applets at Which should link to: Real quick 40 credits, offer ends when credits end. ;) EDIT: You must keep link for 3 months...
  13. javajenius

    What is the Google PageRank of your site?

    I have been wondering this for a long time, what are the page ranks of other x10hosting members? Also post a reply to explain why it is so low or so high, or just in the middle ;). EDIT: You may check your Page Rank here:
  14. javajenius

    Stoli is down?

    Im having a hard time with stoli ( I think thats the server im on). Apache keeps going on and off, and i think its been doing this for a while. I can understand a little downtime, buts its been up and down for quite a while. Im not trying to complain, im just trying to find out whats wrong.
  15. javajenius

    Can anyone animate some images for me?

    I need someone to animate some GIFs that i have. There is a lot of them, so ill be offering to give 400 credits. Pm me if you want to do it. First person to pm me gets the job. Edit: Alright someone has already PMed me.
  16. javajenius

    Are we allowed to open ports on x10?

    Are we allowed to open ports on x10 hosting? If not for free members, what about for paid hosting?
  17. javajenius

    Stoli Server load going crazy!

    Alright, my website is going on and off, so i go to my account panel to see whats up. I look through, and Apache is down and the server load is a whopping 25.53. Here goes the image: So, does anyone think that they can beat the load above? First person to do so gets 25 credits. Please No...
  18. javajenius

    Need some testers for java.

    I need some testers for a java program im working on. Some of the features aren't fixed yet, but i want to see if it works so far. You must have java installed(of course). Try it here: Post any suggestions/problems.
  19. javajenius

    Creating Applications in java for 200 credits each.

    I can create some simple applications for you. Just ask me what you want, and i'll see if i can do it for you. First 3 requests are 100 credits each. Note: Application will be one file(jar file) that can be executed if you click on it. It works on all platforms*. * Must have Java installed.
  20. javajenius

    Google Pagerank..!

    I was just wondering what everyone's pagerank was. Mine doesn't even show up :mad:, by the way im using the google toolbar to check.