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  1. abhishek66ster

    How do I delete my account?

    As I want to link this to the X10premium account, I think it'd be wise if you terminate it so that I can link it to my paid account!
  2. abhishek66ster

    How do I delete my account?

    Hey, I just bought X10Premium and my account name is "opwebsco"..I want to use (this domain) as a addon domain on that account. so how do I delete this account? Thanks, Abhishek
  3. abhishek66ster

    Kindly give reviews and suggestions
  4. abhishek66ster

    Chopin Expedited Copy
  5. abhishek66ster

    Database Error

    I had a my blog and Forums working till yesterday but today I find that my server has been changed to Chopin form Starka and my databases don't work. I tried replacing starka in the mysql config files with chopin but it didn't work. Is it possible that my SQL databeses got deleted. Please help...
  6. abhishek66ster

    Review ma website

    Great theme, Layout and Navigation. It doesn't look like Joomla instead it looks like a home made CMS with PHP & MYSQL. Good Content too!! The two things it lacks are: 1) A good Contact Form. 2) The ad in the header of your homepage. This increases your website loading times. I would give your...
  7. abhishek66ster

    Review my website!

    No more suggestions for my website??
  8. abhishek66ster

    New Author Site

    Try Wordpress instead of the blog you have installed. It isn't that effective. Color scheme is great. Your hompepage and the main website template is good. The only thing your website lacks is a good Blogging system.
  9. abhishek66ster

    Website's Backup ??--Help!!!!

    Hey, How do I backup my website (MYSQL & all my public_html folder)? I dont want to use R1Soft Restore Backups. Any other way to do so? Its urgent..Please help!!>:):nuts:
  10. abhishek66ster

    Review my website!

    Thanks, I will do so.
  11. abhishek66ster

    Can I upload PHP Website Script to my website?

    Hello, Can I upload a PHP Website Backup script to my website. This will backup anyone website +database and give them a tar.gz file. Please reply as soon as possible. And what si the path to PEAR PHP?? Thanks, Abhishek
  12. abhishek66ster

    Backup my website ?

    Yes I need a backup of my website as-well.
  13. abhishek66ster

    Backup my website ?

    Where can I backup my website? I don't want to use R1 Soft Backup. Is there any other way? I just want to make a standard backup. Please help me. IS there any online service to do so?:nuts:
  14. abhishek66ster

    Review my website!

    Hello, Please review my website: I update my blog and forums regularly. So I want some suggestions for them too.. :dance: Thanks, Abhishek
  15. abhishek66ster

    review my website's new design

    Really a good website:) Looks professional !!:cool:
  16. abhishek66ster

    Can I upload my own Youtube Video Download Script?

    Thanks for the timely help. I will not upload my script to your server. ;)
  17. abhishek66ster

    Can I upload my own Youtube Video Download Script?

    Hello, Can I upload my Youtube Video Download script to x10hosting? I made this script some months ago but now I want to upload it. Thanks, Abhishek :nuts:
  18. abhishek66ster

    My domain

    My support queue is IKLUAZZE6PDW. I have a domain I want to host it on x10hosting. Please give me full instructions as I want to do that as soon as possible.. Tell me the DNS servers too..
  19. abhishek66ster

    Please Comment N Suggest For my Website

    Great website! Great script! Did you make this script or downloaded it>?
  20. abhishek66ster

    How can I host my domain?

    Hi!!, How can I host my .in domain on x10hosting? I see it everywhere that we can host domains on x10hosting but whenever i come on x10hosting to register I cant find a place. It only gives the option to register subdomains and domains. Please help me as soon as possible. Thanks, Abhishek