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    Unable to upload content

    I am unable to upload content including photos, plugins via wordpress (cms) to server. My Hosting Server is lotus. Via cpanel I am able to upload.
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    Transfer Domain

    1. Yesterday due to delay in Hosting Account Signup, I created addon domain under another account. Today I deleted that account and tried to register under this account (smartkid) but it show following error: "Error from park wrapper: Sorry, cannot determine nameserver IPs. Please make sure...
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    Hosting Account Signup

    Please me with this Hosting Account Signup who has real powers. Thanks in Advance, Amol
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    Admins, Superusers not helping dont know why

    Why superusers being careless I tried to message all online admins/superusers to visit and solve' no response, poor cooperation. Regards, Amol
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    Pending Hosting Account Signup

    Generally how much time it takes free Hosting Account Signup. Pending Hosting Account Signupsubmitted October 5 at 7:45 am ZB5BU4OZRBIS action status: Process wait information: Your hosting account signup is currently awaiting processing or executing within our system queue. Its status is...