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    Hand Drawn Whale
  2. J

    Hand drawn labyrinth

    Imagine if this were the floor plan for a massive hedge would be in there for a while Open this in photoshop and with a brush at 2pt do this maze in less then 20 minutes to prove that your an alien :P
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    Some recent stuff

    Before - (Im the original photographer) After - Nightime in new orleans - And the singing sword -
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    Hi there

    Hello Im james Im from arizona where people fry there brains out lol :tongue: Anywho Im a moderate level dev who does web development and graphics work in PS Just found this host today and was glad I did Woke up to find my old host was closing :P btw I like the forum layout
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    Awesome, but how 0_0

    just came from another host that deleted my account without warning I found this one after a few google searches and its the best host Ive seen online :D What I was wondering is, how can there be infinite amount of space and bandwidth? is there truly no limit Even if there is I wont mind it...