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    Account stuck on "Website Temporarily Disabled"

    I believe my site is stuck as "Temporarily Disabled". According to the page it says my account should be restored at the start of the next hour, but it never is. This also happened last month, so I believe this is a glitch again. If it is not a glitch, could I possible get more information on...
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    Account stuck as "Website Temporarily Disabled"

    Hi, For some reason my account is stuck in the "Website Temporarily Disabled" state. Every hour I check and it is never cleared. I have completely removed the domain that I thought was causing the issue, but my site still shows as disabled. Is this a glitch? Are there steps I can take to...
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    PHP Strict Standards?

    Why exactly is PHP in strict standards mode? I think this is a very recent change, but I'm running SMF and their time standards are apparently not up to PHP strict standards.
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    MYBB vs PHPBB vs SMF

    I used PhpBB for years before finally switching to SMF. SMF has been a much more enjoyable experience. I am of course referring to SMF 2.0 and PhpBB 3.0. However, both SMF and PhpBB are reasonable choices. Go with whichever one you like better. I have never used MyBB so I cannot comment on it.
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    What is causing 'high resource usage'?

    This has been happening quite frequently and I would really like to know what is specifically causing it so I can fix it.
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    What is causing 'high resource usage'?

    Thanks for the link. The problem, I think, is due to the limit of: -240 seconds of CPU time per hour I don't mean to complain, but my site takes forever to load. On my local computer it barely takes any time at all and the pages I am trying to load aren't that intense. I'm just trying to load...
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    What is causing 'high resource usage'?

    I'm just curious, what files / pages are causing my 'high resource usage'? My website gets very minimal traffic and 99% of my traffic is to a mostly untouched SMF installation and I'm quite sure that SMF is fairly well optimized. Thanks.
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    The Social Network

    Sorry, but you should not take this as a "history lesson." Most of this is made up to make the movie entertaining. It is "based on a true story;" not all of it is factual. That being said, it was an entertaining movie.
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    December Updates

    Great news, can't wait for everything to come together :].
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    Question about upgrading to Premium.

    Hello, I was just curious about what would happen to my "double everything" packages if I was to upgrade to premium hosting? Are they only valid on free hosting packages, or are they still valid for premium hosting packages too? Thanks.
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    x10Hosting Giveaway Official Details

    So... Giveaways aren't going to be announced on Twitter or are some only going to be announced on Twitter and others on Facebook?
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    Suspension / Page unavailable

    Can someone tell me the specific files that are causing the high resource usage? Thanks!
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    Suspension / Page unavailable

    I haven't made any changes to my pages for about a year and it's been fine until now.
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    Suspension / Page unavailable

    Hello, Recently (the past 2 - 3 days) my site has been redirecting to a page that says "The page you have requested is temporarily unavailable." What's up with this? Additionally I have been suspended twice so far for high resource usage. The second one was within an hour of unsuspending the...
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    Issues with Chopin

    Hello, My website is currently messed up after the file restore. When I go to my subdomain (, I get errors. When I go to my domain (, I get a default Apache / CPanel page. (This may be a cache issue, but I tried it on several different web...
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    What is causing high resource usage?

    Hello, My account was suspended again and it is not getting unsuspended when I click the link in the account panel. Is there something wrong with the server because I don't see what I am doing to cause this.
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    What is causing high resource usage?

    Well the thing that really confuses me is that my site has been down most of the past few days, so I don't understand how I am causing this when my files haven't been accessible most of the time. I'm not complaining about my site being down, I'm just saying. Also I've never had this problem...
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    What is causing high resource usage?

    Hello, could someone please tell me specifically what files / activities on my website are causing high resource usage on my website? Thank you.
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    Multiple accounts question

    I'm not quite sure about how this rule has changed since I last checked, but when I first registered here I think there was a rule that you can only have one account per something, I forgot what that per something is. Is it per house? Per person? Per IP? The reason I ask is because my parents...
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    New HTTP changes really messed up my site.

    Thank you very much. Yeah, I sort of realize that now, but the problem is when I wrote all of the scripts I used it for all of the includes and required files, so there is no fast fix for that. In the next iteration of the site I'm hoping to eliminate this. Thanks for the quick fix though :).