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    IPB License for sale

    I have licenses for sale. 1x IP.Board Expires: 2 Nov 2010 1x IP.Downloads Expires: 3 Nov 2010 1x IP.Content Expires: 10 Nov 2010 Also comes with Brave skin. Worth 15$. All this for 250$ or OBO.
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    Update account to Premium

    I was wondering how can I update my account to x10Premium? Thank you.
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    Visit my website and tell me what you think! It's simple, uses the forum defaults, because the site is all about sharing information as opposed to filling up screen pixels with pretty graphics. So, join if you want to make a great community, because we are here to stay! :D
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    Trading Referrals for many sites!

    Okay, here's the deal, I see a lot of people post referral links, but that's it. So, I have an idea. Okay, I have two sites that I currently, use, Palmbux and Neobux. They are great sites, and they're the only two I am registered under. So, if you register under one or both of my referrals, and...
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    Funniest Website Names

    Now tell me these sites don't make you laugh at least a little bit.... ;) 1. A site called " Who Represents" where you can find the name of the agent that represents a Performer. Their domain name is... wait for it...: 2. Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where...
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    Almost two hours for account creation?

    Just wondering, how long does a new account creation take? Just wondering! Mine has taken almost two hours. Thanks. :)
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    Hi, there just signed up for web service!

    I am on the completely free, since I don't think I'll need more than that, until I start getting some traffic. If anyone would like to know, I am creating a tech centered site, with reviews, news, updates, and more on practically anything I find interesting, and tutorials on various things. So...