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    404 Site files deleted at Stoli.Pls help

    Today when i tried to login to my site mytechshout .The home directory was not found.When i checked the files they have all been deleted.I don't know why this happen.Can i recover the files deleted.Pls help.
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    500 Internal Server Error cannot access my site- help

    My site is not working properly . Its showing the following page when i try to access it
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    How many times suspension is allowed for high server usage?

    I have been suspended for server usage three times now.. I don't know wt's causing the cpu usage.. Can i know what is the reason for cpu pulse with my site? What if i get suspended another time? can i unsuspend it myself.. Is this the last warning? my site is Thanks in...
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    domain DNS Propagation Check showing two ip stoli and Chopin servers -Pls help

    I checked my domain DNS Propagation and its showing two ip's corresponding to stoli and Chopin servers .. But i use stoli server .. I cannot access my domain .I had setup nameservers as and at my domain register. My domain is...
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    www version mot working but non www does help with dns setup at the c panel

    I recently bought my domain name at and setup the name servers to and now only my non www version is showing the index\ files but displays default page.. I searched the net the whole day and din't find how to do this Do i...