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    new2 index template

    after reviewing my last post i decided tto try again. and now i have 2 new index's i want you guys to judge . please pick one i like both . but the second 1 may be 2 crowded a couple links are...
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    Infinit and Alias Productions

    please review our latest and best version of our site we have a lot of stuff up sadly we cant figure out why the games aren't working so we took them off =( thanks for reviewing =D
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    Help with filezilla

    this is my first time using filezilla and i dont know how to set it up with my account i made a ftp account and it gave me all the info i think.. the questions filezilla asks is server address port and administration password i put in the info from the thing i got back from setting up ftp...
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    what does this mean ( from tos)

    it says your not allowed to host warez does it mean programs you made, your not allowed to host them for download?
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    Free advertising on my site

    hi , i am offering free Banner advertising, thet only catch we want a banner exchange ( as in you give me ur banner i give you mine ) so it also benifits us . we accept jpeg, gif , text, and flash banners hopefully 728 X 90 468 X 60 or smaller . leave a message in here and i'll pm you...
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    host videos ?

    is it possible to host videos on x10 because im not a fan of hosing them through other sites, like we alreay are.... i tried b4 but idk if it was because the computer or the site
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    Help making flash games

    i need some help, i plan on making flash games that are newgrounds worthy , but i know nothing about making games in flash, and i need either someone to help instruct me , or someone to redirect me to a site that will show me how. please help .........
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    what is a iframe

    what is a iframe, do u recomend using one on my site and if so how do i use it???
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    Flash expert needed

    hi i am infinit from infinit and alias productions , since our flash skillz currently suck, we need someone to make us a good flash logo whatnot, better than the one we currently got at please help, i dont have any way of paying you so im probably not gonna get any one...
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    Check my site out

    ok so we are Infinit and Alias productions , we make videos, we are working on games and programs and other stuff. well , just check the site out its, x10hosting is the best host we have been with :D
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    suspended acount

    so yea i haven been on 4 a lil bit, and it said my account was suspended and i needed topost a new threasd. well, this is the new thread. and yea, how long is it gonna take