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    Linux vs. Windows - Web server market share

    Hi, guys! I've got one question. Who dominates on web server field? Linux or Windows? I think it's Linux but I've heard some stories that Windows has more than 50%. I don't really know if it's true, that's why I ask. Is it nonsense or it's true? I hope to see some fast replies here :)
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    Easy 2000 credits

    Hey, everybody! :) As you can notice, I've earned a lot of credits recently :P So I thought I might share them with you. So, this is an easy game (I'm not sure should it be here, but meeh... I guess you'll like it). You just buy your slot(s) in my database. Slot number is unlimited. One slot...
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    Stoli cPanel

    I can't access any cPanel on Stoli server. Can't find anything in Server Alerts too. :nuts:
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    Still now working...

    Still not working... In Server Alerts, you said the issue is resolved. Well, I don't get why I don't get my site loaded still? My sister's site isn't working too. My site: URL: cPanel username: scorch94 Plan: Advanced Ad-Enhanced Server: Stoli My...
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    cPanel Bug?

    I don't know is this cPanel bug, or something is wrong with me. I have a few PHP files each, of course, containing certain scripts. Many of scripts use header() function to redirect. And of course that script must be on TOP of code. But one problem about it annoys me. cPanel or whatever is...
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    Header not working *MOVED*

    <?php if (!isset($_COOKIE['user'])) { header('Location: login.php'); die; } ?> When I tested it on my PC (running WampServer 5), it worked out. But now hosted on Stoli, it says: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at...
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    .Net Domain

    Hey, guys! I'm making a website for my class. We have picked your hosting service (my recommendation ;)). And we've decided to take free plan. But, we are most likely going to register a domain. .net one. So, I'm asking is it possible to register a top level domain on free account? If it's...
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    Internet Explorer 6 PNG Transparency

    Hello, there! I've been designing my site for some time now. And I have (like always) encountered a problem :fouet: I have some images that swap on mouse over. Everything is smooth sailing in Firefox. But... not doin' well in Internet Explorer 6. As you probably know, it doesn't support PNG...
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    Account Termination

    Hey! Can you guys terminate my account? My account is scorch94. Address to the site is: Also, when you terminate it, can I create a new account with same username?
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    Database Sweeping

    I can't delete MySQL databases. I am on stoli server. Database names are scorch94_blog and scorch94_smf1. Can anyone help me? Edit: Darn! I can't even create new database! :( I really want this as soon as possible. Please, people!
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    Upload Form

    I am giving 500 credits to anyone who does this job. I need a simple upload form in PHP. Let the page be called upload.php. It should contain a browse form and Upload! button. The only extension allowed to be uploaded is .pas The file intended to be uploaded should be contained in the same...
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    China Monster :)

    I don't know did you hear about it, but I heard on TV that some Chinese saw a monster in a lake :nuts: LOL :nuts: :thefinger They showed some videos some Chinese dude took and it deffinetely (sorry for bad spelling) doesn't look like a monster :laugh: :nuts::nuts::nuts:
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    PayPal & Serbia

    As far as I see, PayPal doesn't support Serbia :( Or I'm wrong?? :nuts: Cause I'd like to get a PP account and I'm from Serbia :dunno:
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    How many accounts am I allowed to have??
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    x10 Hosting Address

    What address should I add in x10 rewards as an address to get this one? Can I add any domain or what?
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    My referal link is My friend clicked it and signed up. He activated the account too. Why didn't I get 30 credits for it?