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    Happy VALENTINES Day! Feb. 14, 2008

    Happy Valentines Day to all! happy valentines to all. share this special day with your special someone. do not let this special day pass without celebrating it. and hopefully cupid will shoot you with his arrow today.
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    5 Deadly Digestive Problems

    1. Farting to Death Sounds like a third-grade punch line, but maybe it’s so funny because it’s true. The average person expels about a half liter of gas per day. Put bluntly, that’s somewhere between 13 and 17 daily farts. And although any 11-year-old with a matchbook and curiosity knows that...
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    he Top 10 Most Bizzare Phobias

    1.Neophobia is the fear of new things or experiences. It is also called cainotophobia. In psychology, neophobia is defined as the persistent and abnormal fear of anything new. In its milder form, it can manifest as the unwillingness to try new things or break from routine. The term is also used...
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    7 worst killer plagues in history

    1)Smallpox (430 BC? - 1979): Killed more than 300 million people worldwide in the 20th century alone, and most of the native inhabitants of the Americas Smallpox (also known by the Latin names Variola or Variola vera) is a contagious disease unique to humans. Smallpox is caused by either of two...
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    a Question About Email-Autoresponder

    Do you know a Email service provider that supports auto-responder? What if you compose a email message and then send it to a person's email address, and then he is offline and his email auto-responder is on? Offcourse you know that this auto-responder respond to every email message recieved to...
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    re: ads and new account

    1.) i am using a corporate free plan of I am not very new, i just would like to ask if does x10 requires the required ads to be placed in all of your web-pages? please repy, i dont want account trouble. 2.) My brothers here at home also wants to join x10hosting, can they join...
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    worlds largest swimming pool

    In the South American resort of San Alfonso del Mar in Chile, this artificial lagoon and swimming pool is eight hectares in size and contains an incredible 250,000 cubic meters of water. Acknowledged by Guinness World Records as being the world’s largest swimming pool, the lagoon trounces all...
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    Buying Banner and Logo

    I need a Banner for my website and a logo similar from that is on my website(a sword with zodiac signs on it). and a banner that is related to karma and zodiac signs. i will 50 credits for the one that i will select.
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    BAOBAB - oldest living thing

    Baobab, the oldest and strangest living relics of ancient times, could be found in the remote deserts of Australia, Africa or Madagascar. Baobab trees tower over the landscape like great living monuments. It can grow to enormous sizes. One ancient hollow Baobab tree in Zimbabwe is so large that...
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    Snow in the Desert

    The ski fields of... Dubai. The Mall of the Emirates is one of Dubai's many shopping malls. There's something strange, however, about the architecture of the place. It has a large tubular structure sticking out of its roof like some malformed appendage. This structure houses "Ski Dubai", a...
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    X-Seed4000 in Japan

    Core Presentation : Japan in Tokyo idea is the construction of the "X-Seed4000" Juda skyscraper-a 4,000-meter-high, with 800 floors, one million will be living in the building super. Juda this skyscraper construction modeled on the shape of Mount Fuji, but also higher than Mount Fuji 213...
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    Question about Copyrighted?

    Writing this thread to ask everybody who are well aware of this matter. So, all of our members will have no problem with theyre account regarding this matter. My questions are: 1.) Regarding website/s or Blogs, how would you know that you have copyrighted material in your site? 2.) Is Youtube...
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    My Website

    Hello, my website is not functioning properly. here is the URL of my site: but i still can access the cPanel. but the site cannot be displayed. please help im a beginner student of webpage development.
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    RE: email form

    i am looking for a my-own email form with management for credit/s. you can make offer here or you can PM or email me. The email form i am looking for is like a 1.) a feedback form, and 2.) like a quick email to <someone>. 3.) if you can make like email server i would gladly appreciate that! ^_^...
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    50 points for your Site-Links, Games,etc...

    Insert/Add any of your URL/Link to my Website main page for 20 credits good for 1 month and a Banner for only 50 credits one month. Interested? Just PM me your URL/Link and/or Banner and from which part in my website you want it to appear. Your Link will be added as soon as i recieved the...
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    DNS server?

    question about DNS, can i ask what is the "NAMESERVER" of x10hostig my url provider is i cant find it anywhere at forum
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    My Feedback re: ftp

    to whom it may concern, i'am using a ftp program which is 'core ftp' i also have 'ace ftp'. after logging into my control panel i go into 'ftp accounts' under it are some 'ftp infos'. i did try that but it still wont let me connect to the server. i also did a search on the forums but still...
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    Hi im new! i need help something

    hello, im new! i am a student of a web-development designing. Been searching the website with different kinds of web-hosting, i've also been using differrent kinds of web-hsting service. Something for the project, my latest search was the smtp / pop3 mail, etc.. sumthing like that. and found...
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    re: FTP

    to whom it may concern, in the control panel there is a ftp guide. theres even a downloadable file but i still cant connect to the ftp using "COREFTP" here is my website: please help