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    My index isnt showing

    yeah, Its working now. I see your index, without putting index.html on the address bar. regards.
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    CPANEL LinK not opening

    Alternative link : replace your_server with the name of the server your website place on.
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    CPANEL LinK not opening

    I just visited your link, but I don't have your account. :biggrin:
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    CO.CC Free Domain Name

    My group's domain will be expired on November, we will pay for the domain fee, just because many users of us are familiar with the domain and our website are listed on the google search. We can't leave that domain, althought I actually don't like it anymore. is not a proxy, it's...
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    Best Bux Site:

    @bkb2112 : take a look here
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    internet explorer 8

    Opera is much more better than IE8. It's also have many widgets (thought most of them are not useful as firefox have), then maybe it even stand at a higher point comparing to Chrome.
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    Google Chrome 2 30% More Faster

    I don't think that's a browser problem, I think it's belong to the VBB configures since I have same problem with my ff browser sometimes.
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    CO.CC Free Domain Name

    Actually, you'll have to pay $3 to continue using domain after 1 year free. If you delete your domain, then you have to wait for a week to re-register it. But, it can't be used anymore, will block it, at least they will block the DNS Management. So, you can't use DNS Management...
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    lotus unstable

    Check this: and this: edit: currently starka is down, which mean I can't access my website :(.
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    site's gone bonkas

    Did you ever think that it has been hacked? Anyway, submit a ticket :) . Edit: I see that something strange at your website: 1. The code of index2.php is fully revealed. It shows a PHP tag start, but no close tag. 2. Is your Joomla have those files (from what I see, just only 1 PHP file...
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    Site Moved/Gone?

    Yeah, I think you should submit a ticket, with high priority :) .
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    Uploaded Pages Not Appearing.

    You should submit a ticket for supporting. Your problem seems like this one
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    Battle of the Browsers

    Firefox 3 rulez :) . Especially Portable version
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    I use the Kaspersky. Not sure about its protection comparing to others. But I think it work good, still doesn't have any virus for 2 years.
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I used Windows XP for 7 years until now. Still love it and I didn't even think about upgrading to higher OS.
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    The Ctrl+V game

    image collection pack
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    game: kill the above user

    Well I'm a Dragon hunter, so ichwar will be my target today. An arrow and a bow, ichwar's down.
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    Free Graphics For Your Site

    Did you try searching with Google, I think there are many website provide things you need.
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    Would you give up cPanel for better uptime?

    Thanks, what I mean is edit some small parts of the Apache, not the entire big config file. But it's great to have an automated system :) .
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    x10 Rewards?

    Yes, the same, I have a email like that. It's just different between the addresses. But if someone like x10, it would be better if they also have x10 email address :) . With all Google Email features included.