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    Justin Bieber and Google Translate

    it wrong thats not the result we got. u need to translate "will justin beiber ever hit puberty" (without quotes) to Vietnamese then copy that Vietnamese sentence and translate it back to english. then see the result. i dont know how to explain it better than this. hope u get it this time...
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    X10hosting is great!

    Yes, so imagine how awesome x10premium should be if they treat their free members so good. I'm definitely going premium after my site is complete. ________________________________________ digital agency
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    why Vietnam did not register the host free

    Vietnam is the potential for information technology !!!!!! you know ???????? I need you to sponsor a free host. thanks _______________________________________________ digital agency
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    Can "Me" work as Subject of a sentence?

    Actually, It's a list of things, not a list of things I'm against. I'm sorry you took it that way. __________________________________ digital agency ---------- Post added at 06:12 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:10 AM ---------- According to your signature, you are anti-republican.So...
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    How many times you check your facebook account everyday?

    Probably more when someone writes on my wall, because it alerts me on my phone, yet somehow doesn't show me what people write. So I have to log in in order to view my wall or my messages unfortunately. ----------------------------------------- SEO Dubai Dubai SEO
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    New Year

    May this New Year bring newly found prosperity, love, happiness and delight in your life. - Anonymous ----------------------------------------- SEO Dubai Dubai SEO
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    Building Backlinks?

    An essential part of search engine optimization is building backlinks, which is an absolute must if you wish to rank highly. What most people don't know when it comes to creating backlinks, is that Google and other major search engines will value each backlink differently...
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    What's your favorite TV show?

    I have the full collection of the 1963-1989 run(some 200gb), except for the missing episodes. I'm not really interested in the new series. Not that it's really bad, but it's got too much fluff for my liking. ----------------------------------------- SEO Dubai Dubai SEO
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    The movies of 2010

    Toy Story 3 was a very good film glad they made it. ----------------------------------------- SEO Search Engine Optimization