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    why my account iz Suspended

    hey hay why my account is Suspended i have put your ads in all my page and i am useing advance but i put largbanner if i put larg banner that my mistake then why corey said me put it if you put then we have no problems. what the hell is this every time my account is suspended.
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    account has been suspended

    hello admin what's up to x10 hosting why my account will be suspend my account : will you tell me why my account is suspend. thank you
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    i need

    Hi moderators of X10hosting. i have use your service ravi.x10hosting, i like it. i would like to request to you. I need 2 more Mysql databases. how will i get please tell me tell me. i will fellow that rules. Thank you
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    Hello to all of you

    Hello am New one here Hi to all my friends This is Ravi Maharjan i have just finished my BBS. Now a days am just browsing site. to learn about web page so friend help me. and thanks to all of the owner of this forum.