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    Your Opinion on Mini Laptops?

    As time passes by so quickly, technology been going more and more advanced... Intel new processor chip called ATOM made basically for the market trends of mini - device such as laptops... Here are the specification for these laptops For MSI please go to this website...
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    Is this working?

    x10Hosting's Referral Center This is a real cool service... just to check it out whether is this still working ?
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    Terminator 3 with God

    Hi fellowfolks, I was browsing youtube for bleach animation when I found this funny yet cool video. I shall not be a spoiler, but this is something to do with Jesus so I will say that those who are free thinker like me or close to Jesus or feel curious about it please watch this...
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    hi there, some questions abot ads link

    Hi to all admins and moderators, Nice cpanel :naughty: and nice to going to upgrade to coporate. I Just wanna make sure nothing is being changed from the coporate banner code <center> <script language='JavaScript' type='text/javascript'...
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    Warning Rules Timer

    just some suggestion, add a timer for the number of days before my warning disappered or everyafter each day the -1 or else it would be so disencouraging to continue posting or share information. well just thanks tyler for that warning even though I was surprise by the warning alert. This...
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    Need resources from you people

    hi fellow forums members, I have new questions about this topics " Clone MAC( Media Access Control) Address". 1. What is the advantage on this new settings anyone know ??? 2. Is there any disadvantage like weaken the security, enable someone to use the cloned mac address??? is there...
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    Ten patches in Microsoft monthly update

    website taken: My views: Hmm, after 2 weeks of repairing 4 computers, i realised without service pack 2 , all service pack 1 and 1a is totally useless against spyware and malware and other harmful component. most people does not take care of...
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    Have u ever use such system

    I have went to my clients house to fix his computer, to find that his on-board soundcard that " cannot be used without the properly speakers that comes package with the entire computer". Next thing, bought a creative sound card, fixed into the PCI slots, it detected the new hardware...
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    Information on fixing router

    hi fellow forum members I have these questions on router How do u fix a router from the usb modem to the router??? anybody have extensive information on this please post it here, the links tutorial or information you have experienced on on this related topic thanks my lovely fellow...
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    Beware Of The Jackson Suicide Virus

    Reports from Sophos [ well know antivirus software ] arh man what is this all about now this is really lame to have this virus moving around with gossips spreading about MJ this is lame.
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    Dual-Core CPUs Arrive

    Website taken :,aid,121266,00.asp this is dammn cool to have but now the prices is not cheap
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    DVD Decrypter last version till extinct

    Original Website Source : This is so sad man, I mean this is so really sad this should not be happening, this software is like a god for those who uses it to decrypt dvd protection and use it, man. Ultimate DVD Ripper you doing great but if you were in...
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    Any Flash creator or superior in flash making

    Hi, I have a friend who is searching for flash creator that can do orders like. - able to get it done and make continueous changes when my friend ask him to do it until he get what my friend wants - able to help out in my friend's customers project on doing flash like campaign...
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    MS says MSN site hacked in S Korea

    website taken: so so this is hacking eh , I was wonder does north korea have computers to do hacking??? or computer to work, mostly they have nuclear system programing and I heard they do not have computers " Communtist Country"
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    Everyone must see its a must not a No

    I wonder is human fault or is it the nature fault that we do not get enough resources that we have to treat animals in such cruel state I really wonder how you people feel after watch this video. Warning : You are being warned, what you going to see may not suit you coz its bloody, but I...
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    Britney, Kevin need viewers

    there's pictures view them can someone telling me why is this such a weird news???
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    Sony arms CDs with copy-protection scheme

    website taken: Are you sure about this Sony??? I mean creating anti piracy disc is not going to work, if you do that u probably gives programmers who create decoder for disc format protection like Alcohol120% and others related...
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    ShoutBox or CommentBox

    eh I looking for someone who can create shoutboxes anyone or commentboxes that would be appear on the site when someone submits his/her comments it would appear on the website instead of emailing to you. Its like a feeback that would show everyone that visits.
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    Fonts most wanted

    hmm guys look at this fonts wanted is arial and comic san ms I hope you enjoy this
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    Unable to see points

    Uable to see points eh admins and moderators, Just some questions I notice that I am unable to view how much points I have I wonder is there anybody facing the same thing as me ??? Same for others members I cannot see how much points that they have just the number of postings.