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    Cossacks.x10 ?

    What to do!? I have every day same problem i can't acces site without site is working but when try to enter on normal way still won't work to me and my friends! So if you can contact me and try to fix this problem once 4 all ! PLS :dunno:
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    Ohh again same problem Can't acces site without

    I can't acess site withot ninjaproxi! This didin't hapend on old server and now on Cossacks happend all time! Realy i love this hosting very much but what is going on after move to other server realy don't know, so pls help me my people who play ogame whit me nead a site and all tiime ask what...
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    Have same problem as tenshi!

    Here is post i can get on my site whit like morpheus302 say! Soo pls unblock IPs from my country! Or if isn't this problem tell me what to do! THX you ALSO IM FROM CROATIA my site is...