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    Yes I removed that line asking people to click Ads. What's AdChoices BTW? Well, even MySpace had dominated. So we cannot say what will go where.
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    What's new in Google+ +Circles: share what matters, with the people who matter most +Sparks: strike up a conversation, about pretty much anything +Hangouts: stop by and say hello, face-to-face-to-face +Location, location, location +Mobile: share what’s around, right now, without any hassle...
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    Hey, I owe you your credits. Respond me with the quantity, I will transfer them. Sorry for the...

    Hey, I owe you your credits. Respond me with the quantity, I will transfer them. Sorry for the long delay, I left x10.
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    10 Credits to Comment Video

    Made comments as: Aamid Nevast Ricard Well I really learnt things from videos I watched! Thank you
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    Review My Site for 10 Credits!

    Well Site is pretty clean and nice. To make it more professional, have a separate background colour where your menu is placed. News Fader is ok, but I think the header with your company name is very basic simple, it must be a little big (the header) and some rare & unique fonts, with some kind...
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    [OFF] 50 Credits To Use Signature

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    Earn 100 Credits Fast!!

    Re: Earn 70 Credits Fast!! Done.
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    Make money online by uploading documents!!

    Thanks for the information. Are the payments immediate? And how are they paid? I mean through which payment mode? Edit: Thanks for the information. But two questions: Are the payments instant? And what is the payment mode?
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    100 Credits To Follow A Blog (Computer Surf)

    Following as Aamid.
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    [50cr]: Earn fast credits

    Registered as Aamid, made few posts.
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    Attention!! Problems Arising

    Do you want be to bring the date here? Its been 2 months now, is that so new? Edit: Well forget it, I don't want to argue, no point.
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    Attention!! Problems Arising

    Official Support sucks, No reply at all I am really fed up with this, I have closed my site of main domain and shifted to sub domain of x10 as the only option left. I don't know what suddenly chanced with x10. I really don't know.
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    What problems is Absolut having?

    No there are no alerts, that is what causing more trouble.
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    Want to be part of the x10 Team?

    I meet all the requirements.
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    absolute down

    I agree, same here
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    What problems is Absolut having?

    Please tell me why is Absolut going down every hour or so since MONTHS now. The support tickets are sucking at this, they won't tell what's the issue, but they tell instead server is absoulte and up, you may have problem. What is going on I can't understand. Atleast tell me when it will be...
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    absolute down

    Absolut is down, for no reason, no updates in the forums too, Absolut isn't mentioned at all!
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    100 credits Dropbox

    Registered as Aamid.
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    New Site

    Good Design, simple and sober, Looks great, clean looks