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    cPanel httpd moving domain to another users homedir

    Greetings! I just changed to cPanel from a free control panel alternative and it appears my main domain is pointing to the default web site page and not to the accounts public_html I have no idea how to fix it and I'm quite frankly fed up with it hence me posting this. I've tried...
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    Mod Rewrite Help

    I got it to work. For some reason, removing the ? from the Rewrite cond and changing it to SCRIPT_FILENAME all three options above work. Current Rewrite Syntax: RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !^/$...
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    Wordpress and PHP prepend_file

    Hey there! I have posted on the wordpress support site and another website for coding and have had no response. But, I have several wordpress sites and I have PHP set for a prepend file. But, when I make it do something to affect all sites, it doesn't affect the wordpress sites. Can anyone...
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    cPanel E-mail Filter

    Hey there, Still having an issue with an E-mail filter. I tried an Account Level filter and a user level filter but the email address is still getting through. Would be awesome if it could be checked out.
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    E-mail filter not working

    Greetings! I have tried to set up an account level filter and user level filter for an e-mail address who is sending me a mass amount of crap. Neither of them are working. Any advice on what to do to stop the mail? Thanks and Merry Christmas.
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    Ubuntu 11.10 and Postfix

    Hey there, I recently reinstalled Ubuntu 11.10 server on a box beneath my desk that I use for various testing websites and I can't seem to get Postfix working again. I've tried posting on Howtoforge but to no prevail. The original problem I was having was fixed but a couple days later if not a...
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    [C#] SQLite not working correctly.

    I'm working on a bot for something and I keep hitting blanks and getting an error. I asked a friend of mine for help but he couldn't find the issue. The code is: sqlConn = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=botinfo.db;Version=3;New=False;Compress=True;Journal Mode=Off;")...
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    [Windows 7] Connection Issues.

    I had to reinstall my operating system the other day and after doing so the connection was running sluggish and was being really slow. I tried to update my drivers but that produced no fix and it still runs slow. I've tried running windows update as well and the system is up to date. Any...
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    PHP License Script

    I made a license script a while back and it was poorly done. It sent multiple requests to my server and it bogged it down. What would be a good way to make sure A) Someone is licensed and B) Not bog down the server? I was thinking a cron job, but how would I check if it is setup?
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    PHP License Script need help.

    Apparently this thing crashed a server 6 times and got two of my hosting accounts deleted. So, I asked the host owner person to help me make it so it can work on a shared server. I have no clue how to do so. Can someone help me? <?php require ("/home/joe/FileLibrary/")...
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    [Help] Ubuntu Server 10.04

    I just got the PC under my desk set-up with ISPConfig 3 and Ubuntu 10.04. It was working fine. I tried to reboot it and the BIOS screen came up, then it flashed black a couple times, then the monitor went into sleep mode. I have honestly no clue why, and I have searched Google multiple times in...
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    Win32 PHP5, cURL, Apache

    I can't seem to get my installation to load cURL. I've uncommented the line, made sure the extension_dir was right. Looked at the PHP manual, made sure the two dll's were placed in the system32 folder and it still won't work. Any ideas?
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    [jQuery] Client Data

    I'm making a live guest statistics thing for my site and I've recently gotten stuck with this one part of the code. $.each(data, function(i,item){ if(!$('tbody tr td a span span:contains("'+item.ip+'")').length ){ $('<tr class="datar">' +...
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    [PHP] Validate E-mail & Domain Checking

    I'm working on a mass e-mailer script for my site and I can't seem to get this one little thing to work. I have 4 users: 1 with yahoo, one with a domain, one with a non existent domain and another with Gmail. It sends to the and the non existent domains. The other two I have opted...
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    SQL Joins and Limits

    I Have a query pulling and combining two tables together into one set of data. However, it is pulling all 12 from the one table. I was wondering how I could modify my present query, to get only where the userparts.owner is a person, and limit it to pull only the first 4 it comes from. "SELECT *...
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    IIS and PHP

    I'm having some issuues with IIS and PHP. I added a new site and setup PHP. When I go to the site it tries to download the files as download but not display them. I checked the settings from one site to the other and they are the same thing but it still refuses to work right. Any suggestions...
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    Power Interruptions

    I'm working on a custom built PC and it will load fine in Safe Mode, but not when you try to boot into normal windows. If it gets in, it won't be long until it shuts down. Other times, it won't even boot into windows. I've tried process of elimination. Removed CD drives, floppy drive, replaced...
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    Inline Editing.

    I've managed to get my previous bug fixed, but a new one appeared after fixing it. I could click the div, and have it open up, but, when you click in the text box and try to type, it is disabled. When you click it a second time, and try to edit/save it will work fine. Could someone help with...
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    JS/PHP Inline Page Editing.

    I'm working on a CMS and had the idea of doing on-page altering. The problem is, it takes two submits to get the data to submit, or even show up on the page. Could anyone help? :] Here's the code. function toggleEditor(id) { if (!tinyMCE.get(id)){...
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    [CSS] Dropdown menu issues.

    I have a #nav and .submenu CSS property. The subnav is taking from the nav and displaying horizontal with the hover and all that happy stuff. I want to make it go back to up/down like normal. Here is the CSS: #nav { margin:37px 0 0 0; } #nav li { list-style:none; float:left...