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  1. priyaa161

    How to know??

    How to know who has given me reputation? Is there any way?
  2. priyaa161

    Bill Gates trip to India. LOL
  3. priyaa161

    About Forum Rules

    Can I use another language besides English here in this forum. Only in the case where something is fully related to India and there is no chance for any other from different country to post.
  4. priyaa161

    Forex Trading

    Is there any chance of losing money in Forex Trading. Recently one website ( is giving $7000 for investment of $1000. Perhaps I'm going to get rich soon.
  5. priyaa161

    How to decrease background sound.

    I found a new headphone on my home. I don't know for what was that headphone but I tried it on computer and found that the sound was really awesome. But there is one problem. Background sound or instrument sound (I don't find any better way to describe, hope it might be enough) is so loud that...
  6. priyaa161

    Now India is tracing American track

    Do you know that now we need to give tax information before signing to any website which involve financial transaction like paypal and may be soon Google will ask for the same.
  7. priyaa161

    Link my account

    Forum usename: priyaa161 cpanel username: priyaa16 Thanks
  8. priyaa161

    Website URL Changed

    I thought my website is down from two weeks but today when I looked at the detail of my website on my account panel I was shocked because my website url was changed and my website was opening properly. Previously my website url was and now it is...
  9. priyaa161

    What should be the minimum connection speed to host my site at home

    I'm thinking to host my website at home. I've tried to find out the exact procedure for this but there is nothing information on the Internet. Can anyone here is able to answer my few questions: (1) What should be the minimum connection speed (2) How many computers I'll need. (I've three at...
  10. priyaa161

    Unable to download video's from YouTube

    I'm unable to download any video's from YouTube. I can play it but can't download. I've got one article somehow related to my problem. I'm posting it's link below Link Given by Zubair: is displaying...
  11. priyaa161

    Sophmore Now, What Next?

    I'm now x10 Sophmore. The link given by gsonline seems to be old because their the first rank was Forum Addict. So What I'll become after Sophmore and how many posts and Reputation do I need. I also want to let members know about me because I'm now Sophmore but very few members (Zubair...
  12. priyaa161

    Link my forum account to my hosting account

    My Forum username is : priyaa161 and My hosting username is : priyaa16 Edit: Is there any way to manually do it because no one is replying to my thread.
  13. priyaa161

    Online Teaching Job

    Every Indians here. Do you know that there is a teaching job on You will be paid Rs 100 for per hour teaching. Isn't it great?
  14. priyaa161

    My Formal Introduction

    Hiiiiiiiii. I'm Priya from India.
  15. priyaa161

    What's wrong with my account?

    Everybody here has a green dot but below my username I have . Why?
  16. priyaa161

    This forum is looking damn cheap

    Hello Everyone. I'm new to this forum. I like this forum because its not like my previously joined forum (digital point forum) which has got so many sub forums and lot of members, hard to achieve high rank there. But it is surprising for me that being so successful forum (Having large no of...
  17. priyaa161

    Web Hosting Account

    I've been looking around to join some forum for webmasters and I've registered here but now I came to know that this site also offer web hosting for free. How to register for it when I'm already the member of this forum.