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    Domain redirecting?

    Well the email is and in cpanel its just says "error" and click to close can you guys see if you can change the pass?
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    Domain redirecting?

    I got rid of this parked domain last week and was working fine. Not redirecting now it is again! Whats wrong here. > i got rid of the redirecting domain Thanks ---------- Post added at 07:17 PM ---------- Previous...
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    Well its not totally restored i don't know why some of the template files got missing during the move this is werid and it just crippled my website.
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    Database not fully restored

    Well my database jalvirtual2 was partly restored but not fully. can i have it re restored please thanks.
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    Could i please get my database restored because i need it to operate my website. Thanks
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    MYsql restore

    When you guys restored my account mysql was deleted, and thats needed to run my site. Could you guys store the database jlvirtua_jalvirtual2please thanks. ---------- Post added at 10:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:24 PM ---------- Bump! Sorry but its...
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    Mysql restore.

    Hey could you guys restore the database jlvirtua_jalvirtual2for me because i seemed to list all my databases after the transfer. Since i wasn't able to post my issue in the free hosting support all post it here.
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    Database issue

    When ever i try to install something into my db with the right information i get this error "We were unable to connect to your MySQL server with the username and password that you provided. Please go back and try again!" Any help here? and yes its the right login information.
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    MYsql connect

    When i was on my site i found that my image gallery was not working, why would this be? Was there a change in the MYsql links or what?
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    Site back but not able to access.

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    Site back but not able to access.

    I posted a thread eariler about being unsuspended and i have not been unsuspended. I cannot automaticly unsuspend my self so i have to contact staff. Please just unsuspend me. Jal virtual Http://
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    Ok so now can i be unsuspended, since the hosting as been restored?
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    Also heres why i am posting this thread.
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    My earlier post was totally ignored, why is my account suspended. I have gotten no reason for why but i know that i ve active on the forum. No unsuspention option they said contact the staff. For the second time can i please be unsuspended. jlvirtua
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    No reason stated, can i please be un-suspended.[/B]
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    I was apparently suspended for no reason, with no option to reverse it.
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    Database error Databse error? How can i fix?
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    Mysql fail? Whats up with this its says the mysql connection has failed.... i have been using a CMS on here how do i fix?
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    Site not showing?

    Its been at least 3 days since it went down, whats up. Im on Stoli and they said its finished transferring i am puzzled.
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    Domain change?

    Yeah its parked/redirected. By now ive gotten rid of the redirect.