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    subdomain name question

    hello guys! i want to ask about subdomain names. for example i purchased a domain name from other providers, then im using x10 free hosting. let's say my domain name is, so i used that, what if i make a subdomain from x10host, can i put let's say EDIT: to...
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    x10 free host Themeforest capabilities

    Good day! I'm planning to use x10 free hosting for my upcoming web templates to be submitted in Themeforest marketplace. There's a feature there called Live Demo, and it is required to have one when you're selling a web template. That means you need to have your web template running for...
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    Why does my site takes 15-20 seconds to fully load?

    Hello guys! I'm making an Adobe Muse template for Themeforest for selling. I uploaded my site here and I just have a question. It takes 15-20 seconds to fully load the site, even though it's unfinished yet and more will be added. So I assume after finishing the...