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    Processing salts affecting login

    after developing a function register form i went to test the login where the passwords entered are not recognised even though they are right as i created them to test the register form. I read about having to store the salt within the db next to the password, I've been looking for examples on...
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    File Sharing capabilities

    okay so I've posted about file upload issues etc basically during lesson were developing php systems and our topic is virtual storage like dropbox, google drive etc. My teacher has now set the task to enable the ability to share files but also restrict access within the server folder. I'm being...
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    Email activation not working

    hi so I'm working on an email activation so that users verify themselves, during the testing process the user receives the email with the link however once its clicked the page appears blank, none of my echoes are displayed stating whether it has been accepted or denied and the database has not...
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    Homepage in need of a makeover

    ok so I'm developing a school project for media students, i designed the homepage below i know it sucks but I'm not the best designer was hoping for some feedback regarding the colours and layout pleassse
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    PHP ELSE error

    Hi I'm working on an upload process for my project and keep receiving this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE in /home/mediaedi/public_html/roxanne/uploadprocess.php on line 29 The error is for the last ELSE that I have used could any of you explain to me why this is occurring...