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    Requires Staff These credentials do not match our records.

    Hello, The above error is being shown everytime trying to access the account from the panel. Even with a password reset (which seems to have worked since the new password can be used to login here) the same error is being shown. Can an admin check this please?
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    Issues with account

    Currently there seems to be an issue with this account. When trying to go to the index page, a 404 error is being done. Even though this may have been caused by the server issues these should now be fixed. But the 404 is still showing. In the panel, account is showing as Active. Any possible...
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    Resolved Issues logging in

    Since the migration to DirectAdmin does not seem to be stable. When logging into from x10hosting login page, it seems that it works and the 'Open cPanel' does show up. However when entering the DirectAdmin login is getting shown without having it login automatically. However going to the site...
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    Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    I'm trying to do a backup of my database using a PHP script. I've tested it the PHP script and works fine. However, when I run it from my webiste, I get the 503 error and stops the script after some time. The script is not finishing. I would like to ask if this error is a problem with the server...
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    I have a .tk domain which is already linked with x10. In the control panel I use ns1 and servers as DNS. The .tk account is set as parked. However, I would like to set up a subdomain like How can I do this?
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    Layout Building

    Hi, I have a game and am thinking about having a new layout. Can anyone provide me with a sketch of something which would be appropriate for the type of game I built (Fantasy League). I can do the CSS but maybe I would need some help so someone with CSS knowledge would be better. The person...
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    Problem with login script

    I'm trying to set up a simple login system. Every time, I enter the correct credentials it tells me that they're wrong. What can I do to fix it? This is the full code: of the login form: <html> <head> <title>Login Test</title> </head> <body> <h2>Login Test</h2> <form method="post"...
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    Login Error

    Hi I'm still new and I'm building a login system, however everytime I enter the good credentials, it tells me they're bad. Can anyone help me? This is the code: Login.php<?php session_start(); require_once 'classes/Membership.php'; $membership = new Membership(); // If the user clicks...
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    Can't access my account

    Hi, I'm new to here! I've created the account and confirmed it, however when I try to access cPanel (Starka) or my site, it (Firefox) tells me that the site is taking too long to respond. What can I do?