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    Problems with x12?

    Ohhhh its a Astonish problemmmm consider with suppot tem ??
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    Fail to Add Domain

    I thinks u should to contact with x10hosting team.
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    Search Engine Optimisation

    Very very Good :)
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    x10 member get free backlink. Start submitting

    Thanks for link directory page My website is and
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    Add One Word

    Nice to see here
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    How can I expand my web space here on free account ?

    How can I expand my web space here on free account ? Please email me at and
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    Web designer link exchange / possible partnership

    Please Email us on for link Exchange . we would like to exchange links with you.
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    So what do you think of my site?

    it's better.
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    Would anyone here like to exchange links?

    My website is and has page rank 4 and 2 one is page rank 2 . email me at
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    Please solve it

    Please solve it. it is only devotional purpose site . thanks
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    Please Solve my hosting suspension

    Hello Best free hosting provider. Please remove suspension for my free hosting .it is very humble request. we are not using any business related to it. we only serving the devotee of india. Thanks and hope you understand my problem. we are promise that in future we will make a...
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    Hosting free Disable

    x 10 hosting is the best hosting and works very fast . i thanks and always want this type of hosting forever. thanks x10 hosting.
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    Hosting free Disable

    Hello sir, I have hosted a devotional website at your hosting. the website name is please resolve it