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    my site is down!

    i notice always mysql is offline ' Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL.' I need this to finished...
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    How to choose a good Joomla Developer around the world

    here is a good tips on how to find a good Joomla Developer around the world.
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    Rhuk Milkway template 2.5 for Joomla.

    Hello everyone,I have maintained the Rhuk Milkway template in Joomla 2.5.x version. For more information you can visit this live preview to download the Rhuk Milkway Joomla 2.5 template visit here...
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    Joomla Powerful extension

    Another power Joomla Extension is made called - article scroller
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    Know the favorite subject here

    Do you know that the leading favorite subject is mathematics? lol check and vote your choices here
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    I just want to clarify if we allowed to put adsense or any affiliate using free host here at x10hosting ?
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    delay on mail delivery

    Anybody encounter on delay mail received? I have encounter this problem using roundcube
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    DB not working

    DB not working and intermittent sometimes..
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    complete package for sale

    complete package for sale, for live preview visit at - compatible with all browser + iphone compatibility + tablets compatibility + blackberry browser compatibility + premium hosting unlimited bandwidth + 1TB disk space hosted. for those interested email me at...
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    Free allowed to post ads?

    is free account allowed to post ADS?
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    Looking for CMS designers?

    for more information visit us at
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    we offer flash banner customization

    Hi guys, We offer customized templates and flash banners for affordable cost..
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    Problem on EMAIL

    i have problem with email setting SMTP. i received and sent email but when receiving email too much delay. I can see the msg after 3 days. does anyone same problem with me? how to fixed it?
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    do you need IMAGE extension for JOOMLA and WORDPRESS?

    for more information and live preview on JOOMLA extension and WORDPRESS plugins for more information visit at or at Next Step to Information Technology.
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    have a quick tour.

    please review my site thanks.. your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.
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    Next image Slider Module for Joomla

    Next image Slider for Module for Joomla 1.7 for more information visit here for preview and download download here at
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    My SQL is down.

    I encounter problem on mysql. i think its a mysql server issue.
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    My site did not load all the pages

    Hi, as i checked my site today. I notice the slow of response and all the images did load properly. Anything problem, on going services on server? as i check the status maintenance is completed on servers. thanks
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    I have problem on my site

    Hi, When i browse my site i have this strange error with sql.. i would like to know if there is maintenance on going with free account? any idea on this error? My site is working fine yesterday. thanks in advance.
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    akeeba admin tools is not working in joomla?

    Hi, I would like to know if akeeba admin tools is not working here at x10hosting? if not, any other tools to back up our sites?