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    looking for tools for blogging that can work on x10

    whitch blog tools will work on the free acount of x10? If you have a free acount and know of a free blog that works perfectly, whitch one is that tyia
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    convert old videofiles from sony phone

    My father have some old videofiles on a s312 sony-ericsson phone. He asked me if i could convert then to mpeg or flv I have ON idea.. Does anyone else ? tyia.
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    USBs -what puts wear & tear on memory sticks

    I am told that USB are 'worn' when they are being used. anyone knows something about this? Especially- what actions is most damaging to the stick. Br.
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    out of disk space

    Im met with this when i try to log in to my cPanel Sorry for the inconvenience! The filesystem mounted at /home/<> on this server is running out of disk space. cPanel operations have been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask...
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    find threads that yourself either has created and or replied to

    Hi, i have scanned through my profile settings and i cant find any links to something that could be called "Threads where I participate" or "Own threads" Is that not an option? I manage to find back to my thread through the email notification, but i wouod prefere to be able to browse the...
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    insecure access -certificate exspired

    Trying to log in to my domain eg online-editor: https.boru.x10hosting i still get a warning Security certificate has exspired and the login is insecure This has been like this for 14+ days What is wrong? Br.
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    certificate expired - secure log-in not posible

    Does anyone else have a security warning when they try to log in to their domain? I cant log in securely through firefox :/
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    cant connect -SECURELY- to my domain

    I get a warning that the security citificate has exspired and that the connection is not secure when i try to log into my domain. I see others having same problem I hope this can be resolved soon. Br.