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    account terminated

    09/30/2010 00:09 I am not very computer knowledgable, and am disabled and living on a pension. I do not understand most of the terms that are thrown around in regards to servers and outages and much of what is discussed in your forums. For the last two weeks or so, my computer (all be it a very...
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    web space completely disappeared

    I am not very knowlegdable about this stuff, but I understand that several upgrade have been made to the free hosting servers. Two weeks ago, my sites and my space was restored and working fine. I understand that subsequent problems occured, so I left my site alone for three or four days and...
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    I recieve the following message when trying to use my database with an auto set-up - Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 111 - The scriptI'm using goes like this $database['host'] = ''; $database['username'] =...
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    repeat of last ticket with more clarity

    The reason for suspension is - Suspension Reason user transfered to another server. I know nothing about this and in fact was nowhere near a computer on the day in question, how do I reset and reestablish my cpanel and account.
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    account suspended, please unsuspend

    account suspended due to server transfer, when will it be reinstated? Regards
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    Help, I don't know programming!!!

    I have a script (which I give to anyone freely) that puts Amazon products on a website when it works. It is written in php. I've been told(?) it needs to be migrated(?), but I don't know what that means. I saw this program work a few years ago. The first question is how do I post this script on...