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    Can anyone help me with XBL trial code?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone could please PM me a xbox live trial code? :wink: I feel like shooting things and for some reason I am only a silver member now. I never got a notification of when my account was going to end (checked my email and nothing either)... I am craving to play modern...
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    Another contest but still the winners from last newsletter contest haven't been rewarded :nuts: .
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    I was one of the five that was picked in the latest newsletter contest. It ended the 17th and was just wondering why I haven't heard from anyone. It's not really a big issue just would like to know whats up. I mean you give us a certain amount of time to claim a prize so could only expect the...
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    Fatal Error - memory size

    I have been getting this issue for awhile now. I am just wondering how i can fix this, if i can. I tried to boost the memory in the .htaccess but it seems you guys do not allow that. So where do i go from here?
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    Properly Using Trademarks?

    Currently I am trying to start a website. I was wondering what I'd have to do to eliminate all possibilities of any "stupid legal stuff" from happening. Often, I, will be using trademark games such as Call of Duty series and so on. My frist question is must I use the ® and/or ™ when referring to...
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    Review My Site (please?)

    Hey, I am starting up a gaming community. At the moment, it is not really where I'd like it to be, to release it. I would just like to get any comments and or suggestions about any aspect of the site. I would also ask that if anyone would be interested to be apart of the staff to email me at...
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    No uploading/FTP file upload

    Everytime i try to upload my drupal installation. I've tried compressing it (compressed to just under 20mb) then tried normal file and zip on ftp and still no luck. Also ive tried to do it through the browser but still couldn't, it says"server was reset" or something along those lines. Just...
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    Just Me?

    All i am able to get is a blank screen or Access denied for user 'USER'@'localhost' (using password: NO) when trying to access my site. Seems like php isn't working because i tried a html form and the form shows but the functions dont work. I am just wondering why i am getting this.
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    I was wondering i've been "trying" to develop some what of a site. It's impossible with this free server that has an up-time of about 06%. That's pretty terrible when you sit and edit files all day then go to test them together and the site is down or goes down before you get a chance. How do...
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    Cant Login - Link Account

    I've been away for awhile and was wondeirng what exactly happened to my hosting with you guys. I try to go to the link and it won't work then i try to log into the panel and it won't work. Then i even tried to sign up again and it said i had an account and to use it. That is pretty funny though...
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    Review My Site

    Thanks to whoever views my site. im just trying to get a thought of what other people think. I already semi think it is plain. But want to see everyone else's opinion. Not to mention the banner blows. Here it is! Some things arent done or have been added.
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    .htaccess Problem

    I've been trying to use mod_rewrite on one of my pages but i've noticed it doesn't work. I was just wondering if it is not allowed of if something else needs to be changed. Here is the code i am currently trying: Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule setup-(.*)\.html...
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    Cpanel Issue

    I logged in and all i get is this: Internal Server Error Unable read /etc/passwd. /etc/passwd MUST be world readable under UN*X operating systems.
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    Review NEW Site

    Was wondering what you guys thoght of my new layout i just completed....
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    Hi, Was wondering how i can get a backup of all my files. You guys have disabled the cpanel full backup and also when i try to use a ftp it always fails. I cannot even connect to the server.. Reason for the backup is because i still have no site because of a 500 internal error. Upgraded to php...
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    Forgot Password

    HI, was wondering if someone on the staff could reset my password for me. If so thatd be appreciated. ?: Seems like some poeple are forgetting their passwords so why not re-enable Forgot Password :biggrin: Account: Coonz Domain: