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  1. mactrac11

    cant login,yet i logged into forum -.-

    kk ty dude for replying quickly
  2. mactrac11

    cant login,yet i logged into forum -.-

    Ever since the new website look i knew things were gonna happen, well my website is up and running like a breeze, tho every time i try to login to hosting this is what i get An error occurred attempting to process your request. Please try again momentarily. (Error Code DEADBEEF) -.- please help
  3. mactrac11

    how to create a login system

    how do i create a login system for my website i was wanting to test it out (i am just testing things so i cant get a better thought on this stuff) can you guys help me out?
  4. mactrac11

    Review My Site

    I really do enjoy the look and feel the site gives , But i did notice the site navigation links were a little slow but it just might have been my internet connection.
  5. mactrac11

    Review my site

    the site seems to be up, I do not understand what this site is supposed to be OF , (i hate when people just say "review my site" and add a link Tell us what the site is about then we can better rate. Anyhow I must say make the background color black instead of white so the links and text...
  6. mactrac11

    Review my site

    Pro- The site is well coded i can tell i really like the overall look of the site con- The redirection deal -- Have all browsers point to the same page -- i really like the site ^^
  7. mactrac11

    review my disposable email site

    it says account been suspended?
  8. mactrac11

    Social Networking Website - Still under development

    facebook anyone? This may count as spam but i must say that it looks soo much like facebook, tge button color, top bar and the signup section i must say too much like facebook, if you DID make this by scratch *not making statements* i suggest that you change the websites look and feel to it (ex...
  9. mactrac11

    How to create a login...

    I would like for this thread to be deleted i have noticed this category would not be the best for the question i had.
  10. mactrac11

    firefox 4 more like chrome

    opera And Chrome combined ;D
  11. mactrac11

    Be one of the FIRST to be part of the NEW Marketing Revolution...

    i agree techairlines it seems way to much like a scam
  12. mactrac11

    Vending Machine (Game)

    You tweet i insert a bill
  13. mactrac11

    Guess Who Posts Next

    sorry dude i guess a admin I hope ^^
  14. mactrac11

    Vending Machine (Game)

    your candy gets wet i insert a coin (:D)
  15. mactrac11

    Count to 1 Million

    2460 posts too much to go
  16. mactrac11

    The Ctrl+V game
  17. mactrac11

    Rate the signature of the person above you!

    No sig 0/10 XD
  18. mactrac11

    !!!! The NEW Biggest thread !!!!

    i guess ill post something random as... --- I really enjoy x10 and hoping only good things come from this maintenance as does everyone else. :'D --- but anyway this thread must be the Biggest one yet
  19. mactrac11


    Welcome to x10hosting :D i really enjoy this service and hope you will to ^.^ Good luck with website and read the thread posted by carl to learn whats going on
  20. mactrac11


    Hello and welcome dude, i good how bout u?