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    Help my account is suspended for nullified software?!

    Hi, My account is suspended for this reason: Reason: Nulled StarDevelop Live Help -- Provide proof of license within 7 days. But I've downloaded a demo for private use who was located in a private directory that is password protected. That is not called nullifying but testing. Please...
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    Programmers wanted!!!

    Hi, I'm starting a huge network. In the network I will offer multiple services. Here's what I need help with: - file upload script (web) - file upload program - image upload script (web) - image upload program - websitebuilder & control panel script (web) - customization of Eye OS -...
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    Free domain.

    Will someone create one for me? I will pay 200 credits
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    Free domain.

    Can someone create for me I will pay 500 credits
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    The Ctrl+V game

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    I would like the add that it takes sometimes to bring changes in the scripts of the style. It's working fine because I'm taking care of it. And if it is just an overall thing then please give me an overall score.
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    I'm interested in a link exchange!
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    Join my site please!

    Hi all, I really need many good active members for my site. Please all join The first ten members will be added to the group with VIP users. Simon Allais Thank you all!
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    eQUEST Game released

    I think that the idea of your site is very good. You could get very popular. But the designof your site is good but just not good enough to be completely proffesional. However with a few change you will get were you want to get. 7.5/10
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    I think the basic style of your site is good, but perhaps you should chage the colours they are a little boring. 6.5/10
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    ??? Is that a review or did your keyboard just blocked? I don't get it. Is there nobody who can normally review a site? Say what's good and bad but don't do like this one. Like that it's easy to get 250+ posts.
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    Staff wanted for

    Ok, I will PM you now. Anyone else who wants to help?
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    K, let's stop fighting about this. I just use these forums for advice and questions or problems. Than you all!
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    Staff wanted for

    How can I contact you ?
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    Uh, this site is hosted not on x10? What the hell are talking about? I host where I want and I put adds for what I want. I asked for a review not for advertising. The others yes I'm aware of the .TK problem, I will fix that now. Thank you for reviewing guys.
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    Staff wanted for

    Hi, I'm starting a site about free webhosting and I'm looking for some people who can help me with reviewing free webhosting services. You don't need special knowledge. Reviews are entered with a very simple CMS. The site url is but the site is still under major...
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    Staff wanted for

    Hi, I'm looking for moderators to help me build my site. My site is about MMO so it's required that you something about games and computer. Site link:
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    Hi, please review my site: and gice me some points. Thanx.
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    FREE Traffic? The Honest How-To Guide

    Can't you just make all the addresses forwarding to one account?