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    Help my account is suspended for nullified software?!

    Hi, My account is suspended for this reason: Reason: Nulled StarDevelop Live Help -- Provide proof of license within 7 days. But I've downloaded a demo for private use who was located in a private directory that is password protected. That is not called nullifying but testing. Please...
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    Programmers wanted!!!

    Hi, I'm starting a huge network. In the network I will offer multiple services. Here's what I need help with: - file upload script (web) - file upload program - image upload script (web) - image upload program - websitebuilder & control panel script (web) - customization of Eye OS -...
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    Join my site please!

    Hi all, I really need many good active members for my site. Please all join The first ten members will be added to the group with VIP users. Simon Allais Thank you all!
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    Staff wanted for

    Hi, I'm starting a site about free webhosting and I'm looking for some people who can help me with reviewing free webhosting services. You don't need special knowledge. Reviews are entered with a very simple CMS. The site url is but the site is still under major...
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    Staff wanted for

    Hi, I'm looking for moderators to help me build my site. My site is about MMO so it's required that you something about games and computer. Site link:
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    Hi, please review my site: and gice me some points. Thanx.
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    Question abotu Office 2007

    Does anybody know where to find translations for office. I accendently bought the English version of Office 2007 Enterprise but I need a dutch version
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    Need publishers/editors

    Hi, I'm trying to start a news site but I need authors. I need editors and publishers Have a look at
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    [REQ][150 credits/month]: Become an author at my site

    Hi, I'm looking for author to publish articles on my site. For this I will pay you 150 credits/month. But I want my authors to post at least three articles every month. If you post extra articles you will receive 10 credits per articles. If you reach 10 articles/month then I will give you a...
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    [REQ][750 credits]: Signup using my refferal link

    Hi, If you sign up using my refferal and stay active for 30 days (I check this, else I won't pay) I will give you 25 credits and you will be entered in a contest where you can 750 credits. At 29 December a number will be radomly choosen. Link:************** [SIZE=1]Non-ref: **************
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    [REQ][20 credits]: Sign up at

    Hi, Please go to and create an account, please login and send a private message to 'root' after that I will send you the credits. I also offer credits for bugreport
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    banner please

    Hi, I need someone who can make a flash logo and banner for me. Please help me
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    Please review MMO-World.TK

    Please review my site and tell me what I can do better. It's possible that you will have to wait for a few hours because my site is been reveiwed by the webmaster right now
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    Staff wanted!!!

    Hi, I'm looking for staff for my gaming forums. Staff will have to add new games and manages users.
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    [REQ][300+ credits]: Install 3 mods on my forum

    Hi, I'm using phpBB3 and I need someone to find and install 3 mods for me. I want this: An ajax chat in the header: Available for download on An advertising box. And a script where new users can enter there refferal For this I will pay you 300 credits. If you don't...
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    [REQ][20 credits]: Signup at

    Hello, I give 20 credits to every new user who registers at I also give 7 credits per post you make. Thank you
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    [offer][variable]: Website testing

    Hi, I'm a professional hacker and tester, I hack MSN, ... But I'm not here to use my skills to hack but to test. I have tools for use of testing website safety, speed, stability. You can choose under here different tests, each test cost 5 credits. [safety]: E-mail Seeker: This program seeks...
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    [req][100 credits]: Solve phpBB installation issue.

    Hi all, I'm having a problem with installing phpBB 3 on my x10 account. I can pass the database connections but after the global configuration I get this. Forbidden You don't have permission to access /mmoworld/install/index.php on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was...
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    Can I use rapidleech here?

    I'm I allowed to use rapidleech on my account for private use?
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    [REQ][20 cr - 70 cr]: Register and post at my site!

    Hi, I urgently need activity, so I pay 20 credits if you register at my site and 70 credits for every post you make. My site: HINT: If you don't know what to post: Post question so others canreply and introduce yourself at different games. I'm also paying 50 credits monthly per...