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  1. myx10

    About the Design, please help!

    My group plan to redesign Pitguru. About the design, please help review to see what I should make change for the next improvement. Please share your ideas for help! Thanks a lot for your time!!
  2. myx10

    How are you earning money in life?

    How are you earning money in life? Just a simple question know know what career people care the most. I'm translator in a futures publishing company. How about you? What do you do to earn?
  3. myx10, Please help review!!

    As a new WP site, Futurescrude was built to support you guys in trading crude nymex. Please help me review the site and share with me your ideas of how it is good and not good so that I can make necessary improvement. Thanks a lot for your help!!
  4. myx10

    Please share your ideas about

    Dear friends, Please help review and share your ideas about my new site (Commodities Future Trading)! What do you think I should change to make it a better look and suitable in term of SEO? Thanks for your help!
  5. myx10 needs your review

    As a new WP site, Optionstradingexamples needs your help. Please review it! Help me check if I need to make any change it make it better. The site is about futures options trading. Thanks a lot for your time!
  6. myx10

    Be back, friends!

    I'm back from busy time. I'd like to stop by to say "Hello" to all of friends and new comers. Enjoy your time! Be good!
  7. myx10

    Please review my WP site:

    I make my site ( base on Word Press. I don't know how it looks in others' eyes. I also don't understand if I did anything wrong why it does not have any visitor yet. Please help me review it and teach me how I change to make it nicer. Thanks a lot
  8. myx10

    Hello friends

    Hi all, I want to take this chance to say hi to all of you here. I'm a newbie. I'm glad to be here and be friend of you guys! ;)