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  1. comunidaduser31

    My web dont load

    My web hosted in chopin server dont load Firefox give me the message Server not found Is choppin not working now? Is my wordpress instalation? Or is other thing
  2. comunidaduser31

    Is Chopin down??

    My web have this mesage 404 ErrorThe file or directory you have requested was not found on the server.Common reasons for this error: Incorrectly spelt file or directory. The file or directory was removed. Its chopin down or my account had been deleted? I cant acces to cpanel o sql too...
  3. comunidaduser31

    Can i recover a sql database y deleted by error

    I deleted by error my one sql database... Its possible recover it please? Im desesperated i lost the work for days
  4. comunidaduser31

    Uploading files trouble -Chopin-

    I have some problems to upload files via ftp or cpanel file mnager gain: Thats happened two or three months ago but was solved, and now i have the sme trouble again. Is chopin error or only my account? Thanks for all
  5. comunidaduser31

    How to desactivate cloudflare?

    I try to desactivate cloudflare, when i go to cloudflare dasshboard on, and click "desactivate" option he tell me that. Your DNS zone file is hosted by x10Hosting, a CloudFlare partner. Changes to your DNS settings must be made through x10Hosting's website. And when i go to my...
  6. comunidaduser31

    502 BAD GATEWAY, or many redirections

    I think there are some problemas with chopin, ihave a 502 bad gateway error when i try to load my page. Is only for me or there are others with the same problem? I cleaned my cache and flased my dns, and the probleme continue.
  7. comunidaduser31

    For peopel cant acces to their acount with their username read that

    If you try acces to your hosting account, using your username, throught the account panel, and now you cant, read that before open support ticket. If you usually log in to your account using your username. Now is impossible, you have to use your email account. For example, my account is...
  8. comunidaduser31

    Ahora hay que loguearse con el correo y el pss, no con el usuario y el pass

    Creo que es importante avisar de ello, porque los usuarios novatos se pueden llevar un susto, si estan acostumbrados a entrar con su usuarios y su pass, ahora el nombre de usuarios no es valido, hay que loguearse con el email con el quete registraste y tu password, debido a que x10hosting ha...
  9. comunidaduser31

    Si tienes problemas con tu hosting hoy lee esto antes de escribir o pedir ayuda

    Si tienes problemas con tu hosting hoy lee esto antes de escribir o pedir ayuda, si no puedes entrar al cpanel, subir archivos o te sale un error de 5O2 bad gateway cuando cargas la pagina. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3 (In Progress) Private Network Issue4 hours agoOur...
  10. comunidaduser31

    If you have a probleme today with your site in free hosting service see thath before

    If you are experiencing many problems with your hosting, such cant load c panel, upload file, or you have 502 Bad gateway error when you load your web see that before open support ticket pleas. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3 (In Progress) Private Network Issue4...
  11. comunidaduser31

    wordpress best plugin, for me

    This is a list for many wordpres plugin i love to use W3 Total Cache – This WordPress plugin is great for two reasons. First, it makes your pages load way faster. Second, since it stores static versions of your site, it requires much less CPU processing than using WordPress all by itself...
  12. comunidaduser31

    Basic and simply wordpress tutorial

    Things You Need to Do to Install WordPress Checking to ensure that you and your web host have the minimum requirements to run WordPress. Download the latest release of WordPress. Unzip the downloaded file to a folder on your hard drive. Be prepared with a secure password for your Secret Key...
  13. comunidaduser31

    Disk space limited to 1 GB?

    Is the disk space limited to 1024MB? My account say that
  14. comunidaduser31

    Chopin down. Support request, and new member help.

    EDITED AT 11:28 The problem in chopin now is fixed 1/11/2011 GMT. 10:39 . This is a support thread and also a notification for new members that have problems. If your account is hosted in chopin and: Your cpanel dont work. You cant upload files via ftp. Your web give an error or dont...
  15. comunidaduser31

    Cambiar foto de perfil en el foro??

    La verdad es que la pregunta es tonta, la respuesta sera evidente, y a muchos os dara risa responder a esto, pero llevo una hora intentanto cambiar mi foto, osea avatar del foro y no lo logro. Alguien me puede decir como se hace? Si lo se soy muy tonto, y no no tengo ocho aňos, si no bastantes...
  16. comunidaduser31

    The domains hosted in chopin are showed in all countries??

    Some user form Peru latin america, are tell me that they cant acces to my domain. My answer is if chopin servers has been banned any country, or is a specify users problem. Anyone have the same probleme on chopin?
  17. comunidaduser31

    Chopin server error

    My account and domain in chopin dont work correctly The c panel give me this message. Sorry for the inconvenience!The filesystem mounted at / on this server is running out of disk space. cPanel operations have been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask your...
  18. comunidaduser31

    I cant reponse to support threads

    Hi, im new in X10hosting, and many times there are supports threads that i can reponse, because i have a little experience or i had the same probleme and now i know the answer, but the forum give this message My question is, why i cant reponse threads in support forum, and thats is for me only...
  19. comunidaduser31

    Chopin is down??

    Is chopin down, at this time i can access to web but the cpanel and sql and ftp work correctly. chrome tell me that he cant establish conection to the server. Anyone can tell me this is a server error o my web instalation error
  20. comunidaduser31

    Error in php version?

    hi i use a wordpress instalation in chopin server with a free account, i was using the version 3.2 for wordpress and all work good, but today the server giveme this message, The server use version 4.4.9 from php and you need version 5.2 to use wordpress. My question is what version use chopin...