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    Best Malware Detectors? Is Spybot Search & Destroy up to date?

    I use Malwarebytes Anti Malware and Super Antispyware.
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    Ecommerce CMS

    Anyone had to build a Full Ecommerce website w/ shopping cart? What is the best Free ecommerce cms? I am currently using Open Cart. Maybe there is something better. How about Magento, Prestashop, Digistore, Zen Cart, osCSS.
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    Looking for some simple intro sliders...

    Try no flash, all JS, free, open source.
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    Which Web Browser you like most?

    For programming and web work I use Firefox. For surfing the web, Palemoon (optimized version of FF) or Chrome.
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    Linux Mint

    Besides Ubuntu, has any of you programmers tried Linux Mint? If you did, any feedback? I am restoring a older computer and plan to install Linux again. I used to have a dual boot windows/linux. Switched to windows because of the software available. But I do miss running Linux. So plan to have...
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    what is better? drupal or joomla?

    I agree w/ nirajkum. Drupal has a higher initial learning curve, more suited to developers. But you can really do a lot more. Joomla is very popular and has better templates (in my opinion). Joomla also has tons of tutorials on the web, including youtube. I have played w/ both and actually...
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    os whats best

    For work, I use Windows. But for playing around at home, I actually like Linux.
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    Php ide

    I currently use Netbeans for my PHP projects. Is there anything better? Looking for: 1) Free or low cost. 2) Editable syntax color/fonts. 3) Code hints/completion. 4) Display line errors. 5) Debugging. Or maybe for the price, I should stay w/ Netbeans. I can live w/ the slow startup...
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    Uninstall CMS

    How do you uninstall a CMS (Xoops)? I checked the videos, and it shows you installation, but I need to uninstall. I looked around the software icons in CP and did not find any uninstall.
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    Windows or Linux?

    I like Linux, more secure, easier to use, faster, FREE. But unfortunately I use Windows, because it has the software I need to do my job.
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    Which PC Brand?

    For Me: Desktop - build my own. Laptop - I have a Sony bought 2001, and still going. Also Acer 14" no complaints, another Acer netbook that kind of gives me problems. I also have a fairly new HP 17" that works great.
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    In the market for a laptop

    I was looking at ads, and today you can get a powerful laptop for under $1K (BestBuy, Office Max, Costco, possible Walmart). Just get the basics, preferably at least a Intel Core I5 processor (I7 would be best), 6G ram, min 500 G HD (at least 5400rpm), DVD±R/RW (maybe even Blu-Ray) - All for...
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    What is a good website builder?

    Here is a website builder I came across from some of the email I receive. I never used this, but may be something for newbies. I myself build from scratch using html/css.
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    What is your favourite FTP Program?

    FileZilla for me free FTP. I also have WS_FTP which is also very good, but have to pay for it (business purchase).
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    External HDD Doesn't have a power button?

    On my HDD, I notice the ready light goes off when I turn off the computer. But when I touch the HDD, it seems to still be powered. So I simply turn off the power surge protector.
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    AMD or INTEL for a new purchase ?

    I think it depends on the user. If the user only does simple basic functions (surf web, email, watch video, etc.), than I would go with the AMD processor because it is lowest cost and I don't think the user will even notice (or care) what processor they had - never had any complaints from...
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    More Updates

    Good News. Much thanks for the updates!
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    Which IDE do you use?

    I did use Dreamweaver when I first started out a few years ago. Then I switched to notepad++ and pspad. I currently do my coding with 2 free resources: IDE: codelobster php edition Text editor: bluefish I work with php, javascript, xhtml, html and css.
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    Hotmail Vs Yahoo Vs Gmail

    I use both yahoo and gmail.
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    In your opinion what is the most powerful programming language

    I would say C++ as the most popular programming language. But hard to say, I think C++ and JAVA are the most powerful. Now playing with C# (microsoft developed).