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  1. Daniel S

    Post On TCF

    Hello, Once again i am strating up this ofer for you to post on my forums for credits. Now.. I will pay you 10 credits per post you make. And i will pay 15 credits per thread you start. However, any post you mkae that is against any of my forum rules you will not receive the credits. But...
  2. Daniel S

    [offer][-]Make a lot of credits.

    You can make lots of credits different ways. I will list the amount of credits below. If you are already a member of my site you can not take part in some of the offers. 1. Sing up to TCF. I will pay you 10 credits to every new member that signs up on my website...
  3. Daniel S

    [OFF] [200] Advertise On TCF

    Hi, I am offering advertisement spaces on my site. The advertisements will be viewable on the main site (The forums) only. Below i have posted a copy of my awstats. Open x is the software used for the ads and you will receive a free advertisers account. All you need to do is post...
  4. Daniel S

    [OFF][See Post]Make Easy Credits!

    Hi, I have listed lots of different ways you can earn easy x10 credits. Before you complete any of my offers on posting something on my site I suggest you read my global rules located here:, If you make a post that is against the rules you will not get...
  5. Daniel S

    My forum.

    Hi, I would like to know what you think of the style i have for my forums, I see that a few people now have the same design. So my website does not have as much uniqueness i would like. So I have made a poll. If you think my website is/looks good how it is please vote no and if you think my...
  6. Daniel S

    [OFF][See Post] Join and post in my forums.

    Hi, This offer applies to new and exsisting members of my forum only. I will pay you 10 credits for joining my forum and 7 credits for every new post you make.My forum is located at Note: Any posts made in Introductions, Forum Games, News And announcements are...
  7. Daniel S

    [REQ][60 Credits]Put my banner in your sig

    Hi, I am paying anyone who will insert my banner located at into their signature for at least 2 months. Note: I will only pay you the credits if you have 50 posts or more and the banner is centered.
  8. Daniel S

    [OFF][100 points]New name suggestions

    Hi, My forums currently at are not very active and i have decided that I need a new domain since the current one is not very unique. So everybody can enter unlimited amount of times with suggestions for a new name for the site the name needs to be available in...
  9. Daniel S

    Login script 1k credits

    Hi, I would like a php login script where it gets the login details from my mysql database for phpbb. I would like the script to issue a cookie when they are logged in and then their would be a code that is entered into a page that I would like protecting that checks for the cookie and if it is...
  10. Daniel S

    Get paid 500 credits a month

    Hi, So basically I need active members on my forum ( My offer is: I need about six different people that would make about 10 posts per week on my forum and they would get paid 500 credits you can continue to complete this offer every month until I say so...
  11. Daniel S

    Convert TCF Credits Into X10 Credits.

    Hi, On my website ( you get credits for making posts and topics and you can get extra for completing the offers. Now the amount of x10 credits you get for TCF credits is 1 so 100 tcf credits would be 100 x10 credits. To work out how many x10 credits you will...
  12. Daniel S

    Link Exchange.

    Hi, I am willing to exchange links with any website if we exchange links your link will be placed in Link Directory (There is links to it from the homepage). You can submit your site at this link: After you have press submit you will be taken to...
  13. Daniel S

    Put my banner in your sig and get credits.

    I will pay you 50 credits to put my banner into your sig and you must keep it there for two months. You must center the image and the images should lead to my website ( So here is the code to insert into your signature.. I understand that is says html...
  14. Daniel S

    Post Exchange

    How Does It Work? All you have to do is go to my forums here and make some posts and i will make exactly the same number of posts on your website. I will also pay you 1 credit for every post. What If I Am An Exsiting Member? This offer is open for exsiting...
  15. Daniel S

    Front Page Server Extensions.

    Hi, Is the frontpage server extensions setup to work on my account. I run the file and it has an error of: File With FP Extensions: Domain: Server: Skyy.x10
  16. Daniel S


    Hi, I am on paid hosting on the skyy.x10 server I would just like to ask if I am allowed to host peoples pictures for use on my forum. Thank you.
  17. Daniel S

    Make a blank page for phpbb3.

    Hi. Does anybody know how i can make a blank page that i can use with phpbb3 tha uses my header and footer. An example if you go to my error page on my website so to access that you could just type in If you look where it says error 404 i would...
  18. Daniel S

    MOD Needed

    Hi I need 1 moderator for my forum ( I will be paying 400 credits per month. You must be a forum regular. By that i mean you must visit the forum every day and make at least 10 posts per week. You will need to check over lots of posts to make sure non of...
  19. Daniel S

    Mod Needed

    Hi I need 1 moderator for my forum ( I will be paying 500 credits per month. You must be a forum regular. By that i mean you must visit the forum every day and make at least 7 posts per week. You will need to check over lots of posts to make sure non of them...
  20. Daniel S

    Logo/Banner Contest

    Hi, I am holding a contest to see who can make the best logo. I need my logo to rectangular so that it can go on my forums and be used for banners. It also need it to either be on a transparent background or if you go to my website ( if you look at the header...