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  1. zer0ne1337

    Litespeed here we come

    This awesome! I never expected anyone to offer free LiteSpeed hosting.1 :)
  2. zer0ne1337

    Forum Name Change Requests

    New Name: zer0ne1337 Thanks :)
  3. zer0ne1337

    Account Reset and Restart from Scratch, Is it possible?

    Hi, I am facing a lot of issues in my account. See the screenshots below, you will understand: No visitors?? It seems that the domain connection with the logs is lost. :confused: No bandwidth or disk usage?? Where do my files reside then? :confused: MySQL database size is zero? Then how...
  4. zer0ne1337

    Account still shows 1 GB of disk space and 10 GB of bandwidth??

    Thanks Christopher for the speedy reply! Yes the permissions are fine now but cPanel and account panel still shows: Disk Space Usage 334.6/1024 MB Monthly Bandwidth Transfer 57.58/10240 MB And the statistics are not working too... please see what is wrong.
  5. zer0ne1337

    Account still shows 1 GB of disk space and 10 GB of bandwidth??

    When Corey announced the Free Accounts Upgrade. I was very happy and thought of starting a new project on my free host. But today upon checking my account, I found that my account was not upgraded? Also, I have a few issues in my account, which I needed to be sorted out. When the servers were...
  6. zer0ne1337

    Free Accounts Upgraded

    Thanks Corey, :biggrin:
  7. zer0ne1337

    Additional Changes

    Wow! Thanks Corey :)
  8. zer0ne1337

    My Account is still under suspension

    Thanks.. Sorry for posting my ticket to the wrong area..
  9. zer0ne1337

    My Account is still under suspension

    Hello, my site got suspended on 3rd July for high resource usage. I came to know on 4th July and so I submitted a support ticket as said in my account panel. Its now 9th, and there are no replies to my ticket, neither any steps were taken to resolve this issue. I...
  10. zer0ne1337

    Latest update news thread response: 6/22/09

    Thanks Corey for going through my suggestion... I will try to collect more information for you which will help you take the right decision. As zen-r suggested, if you open a new thread on this topic asking for experts to participate, it will be great :) I just had a chat on the support irc of...
  11. zer0ne1337

    Suspension for high-usage?

    I have temporarily disabled my site as I have already been suspended twice and don't want it the third time. Now my site only displays a maintainance going on page...consisting of a few lines of html, I have done this just to check whether I am getting suspended for using high resources for...
  12. zer0ne1337

    Latest update news thread response: 6/22/09

    Hi Corey, as you can see that lots of people are suspended... I have a small suggestion for you, I think if you implement Alternative PHP Cache (APC) tool or eAccelerator or xcache or similar PHP optimizer then this will increase the performance of the server while reducing the load... The...
  13. zer0ne1337

    Suspension for high-usage?

    I am too on Lotus. As I have mentioned in my previous post, I got suspended while using phpMyAdmin.. I think the resource usage script needs some further tweaking, before it suspends everyone here :eek:
  14. zer0ne1337

    Help Installing Wordpress

    You are welcome buddy! :)
  15. zer0ne1337

    Help Installing Wordpress

    Are you getting a blank cpanel? If yes then in the address bar edit the index.php to index.html and you will be able to see Cpanel. Now you can easily install wordpress in just three steps!
  16. zer0ne1337

    Suspension for high-usage?

    Hi, I managed to unsuspend myself and I was using phpMyAdmin to optimize my tables and delete some tables which were not needed when I got suspended again... I was running my wordpress site and was keeping an eye on the resource monitor it was hovering between 0.7 to 1.20 but when I went to...
  17. zer0ne1337

    Unofficial "Fatal Error" Panel Thread

    I'm affected too and I am also on Lotus..
  18. zer0ne1337

    Weird suspension error

    Even my site on lotus server got suspended for high CPU usage. I somehow managed to click on the unsuspension button in my account control panel after which I got
  19. zer0ne1337

    Suspension for high-usage?

    I guess this is happening especially to the sites residing on the lotus server... Even mine got suspended... Even before all this, when I started my site in December ( I was aware that Wordpress sometimes may become very heavy. Thats why I used the cache plugins to...
  20. zer0ne1337

    My Account Is Suspended for high CPU usage, please help me..

    Thanks, I am now closing this thread. Let me see what is going on in those threads mentioned by you...