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  1. zer0ne1337

    Account Reset and Restart from Scratch, Is it possible?

    Hi, I am facing a lot of issues in my account. See the screenshots below, you will understand: No visitors?? It seems that the domain connection with the logs is lost. :confused: No bandwidth or disk usage?? Where do my files reside then? :confused: MySQL database size is zero? Then how...
  2. zer0ne1337

    Account still shows 1 GB of disk space and 10 GB of bandwidth??

    When Corey announced the Free Accounts Upgrade. I was very happy and thought of starting a new project on my free host. But today upon checking my account, I found that my account was not upgraded? Also, I have a few issues in my account, which I needed to be sorted out. When the servers were...
  3. zer0ne1337

    My Account is still under suspension

    Hello, my site got suspended on 3rd July for high resource usage. I came to know on 4th July and so I submitted a support ticket as said in my account panel. Its now 9th, and there are no replies to my ticket, neither any steps were taken to resolve this issue. I...
  4. zer0ne1337

    My Account Is Suspended for high CPU usage, please help me..

    I have got the following notice stating the suspension reason: Please help me how to check my resource usage and control it. I am running a site using wordpress. I do use WP-Cache and WP-DB cache to reduce the load of the site, what else can I do. And how do I check it so that I don't get...
  5. zer0ne1337

    Facing weird problems, Please help me

    Hello friends, My blog was running on absolut and now it has been transferred to lotus but I am facing some issues with my blog now.. First I am getting the following error in my (wordpress) site and the admin dashboard: Warning: Unknown: write failed: No space left on device (28) in...
  6. zer0ne1337

    Earn $$$ with new per-file-download program

    Earn money by uploading files which people downloads! Its new and its good too! Here's a money making program that I guess many of you will like! ;) Why this program is so good? There are no capped download It is not banned on any forum! It allows download from all country (not...
  7. zer0ne1337

    What is wrong with absolut?

    What is wrong with absolut? Are others facing the same problem of almost daily downtime? My site is remaining down more from the last few days than being up.. And this is causing problems, as my visitors are now loosing there faith on my site for which I worked so hard. I am also not being...
  8. zer0ne1337

    Is something wrong with absolut server?

    As a report from some of my readers that my site has became slow, so I checked myself and the report is attached here, previously my site used to take around 1~4 seconds to load but now it is taking around 15~20 seconds. And the uptime at the time of posting is 89%... :( Please see the images...
  9. zer0ne1337

    Please Review My Website

    Hello everyone, Please review my blog Technology Unleashed. If you cannot click on the link, copy the address from here: Please give me your valuable comments and suggestions about it, its design, its contents and also about how to improve it more! Thanks :)...
  10. zer0ne1337

    How to convert basic php to intermediate php?

    When i signed up at x10, i got intermediate php. But after the server update, i found that it is changed to basic. I tried changing to intermediate again, but i have been unsuccessful till now, please help me to convert it to intermediate. Thanks Happy new year!
  11. zer0ne1337

    Site inaccesible... Please help me

    My blog site suddenly disappeared. Till today morning everything was fine. But now it is inaccessible, i cannot access the cpanel, giving me login failed errors, the ftp is down too. When i checked through my account login here in, it is showing that i am...
  12. zer0ne1337

    Wordpress install error, please help

    hi, i am new to this, please help me, i tried to install the latest wordpress for my new site, till the configuration window, everything runs fine, then, when i click on the install button, i am getting this error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate...
  13. zer0ne1337


    Hello everyone at x10! :)