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  1. wooprapp

    SMTP Not Working!

    Hi everyone, I just purchased another domain yesterday and I’m having SMTP issues. I tried adding A, CNAME and MX Records. Nothing works. I have a corresponding Email Address created under the Email Feature that way I’ll have login credentials. Every time I try to connect using my...
  2. wooprapp

    SSL Permissions

    Hey, I seen the post about making a new Thread if I need my SSL Permissions. I need them please. Please also verify my directory factory files (make sure they’re all there and set up right, because I’m keep getting random redirect loops and my JavaScript doesn’t run my PHP back-ends?
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    Criticism | Suggestion

  4. wooprapp

    Staff Help | Account Glitched

    I think my iNodes have been exceeded but are caught in a previous cache version or something. My file structure looks clean but it keeps saying I got no space and I’m 500,000+ iNodes. I’ve tried everything, even resorting to nothing but the ftp and other common settings.
  5. wooprapp

    Resolved took too long to respond.

    How do we do this? I'm having issues too.
  6. wooprapp

    Resolved I need my backup, please.

    Hi, So I've not noticed that the new CPanel was available until today. So, I went through (mobile version) and it kept telling me my domain ( already existed but due to migration issues it wouldn't work and neither would the editing domain options. So, I erased the domain (the...
  7. wooprapp

    Resolved Apache Responding -error

    Hi x10, I’ve been waiting non-stop for you guys to finish and everything but nothing happens anymore. Can you please check my account for backups and possibly recover my website or whatever needs to be done to get it back running. I think it’s broken, please help or advise me in to what to do...
  8. wooprapp

    Please Enable Multiple IP Address Access.

    Hi, Please enable access to my account to login from multiple IP Addresses because I'm now a user on the go. My account is registered at home, I'm staying with other family and I need to also access my account from my mobile. Thanks!
  9. wooprapp

    Heartbleed Vulnerability?

    Analyzing my domain I've come across the fact that my domain has a "heartbleed" which is retained at the Server itself (that's your problem x10). Is there any way us users can fix this vulnerability or is it strictly in the control of the Administration? If so, can you please fix this...
  10. wooprapp

    Custom FTP Domain?

    Hey, I've made my domain fully custom inside and out (to my domain) but the only things that is left is to access my domain (website) via my custom FTP. When I login to my FTP Accounts using my custom accounts it still uses my free x10 domain (username). How can I customize my FTP host so...
  11. wooprapp

    “Spam” Spell?

    I’ve been working on trying to get my website/app’s Emails to deploy to the “Inbox” but they keep going to “Spam”. I’ve setup my DNS using SPF, DKIM, etc. I run the “Email Deliverability” tests and I’ve set everything in accordance to the recommendations via x10 and x10 says they’re all “Valid”...
  12. wooprapp

    Error | Laravel's Lumen on x10hosting

    Hi everyone, so I'm new to Laravel and Lumen. From what I've learned is that Lumen is Laravel's lightweight version which is a lot faster (and great for designing an API). So, I've been studying Lumen trying to figure out how it works. I set up my x10 PHP Version 7.2 (and its plugins/addons)...
  13. wooprapp

    SPF, DKIM and DMARC Validation Failure?

    Hey there, So my mind completely... Exploded. I'm using x10 (obviously) free, I went under the CPanel then I enabled the SPF and DKIM. The results show "Status: Enabled and Active (DNS Check Passed)" but I don't see any Keys anywhere to help verify the messages? So, next I go to Cloudflare (my...
  14. wooprapp

    Can I host my ASP .NET Core 2 Web API?

    Hi there, I've been a user forever and I've been slowly learning how to make a nice powerful API using C#. But, as far as I understand it must be a "running" server type like with sockets in a way. But there's luck? Apparently Linux Based Web-hosting services (x10hosting is Linux based) can...
  15. wooprapp

    Anyone know how to make online avatar UIs?

    I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find any good examples of how to make these avatar online UIs. When I do find an example of this it breaks all the time. Can anyone provide code to create this? Thanks.
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  17. wooprapp

    Custom FTP and MX Records?

    Hey everyone, So does anyone know how to setup a custom FTP and MX? Currently I'm going through x10's, but beings I own my own domain I'd rather route it through my domain through x10. So, I'd like it to be like and I understand it's minor but...
  18. wooprapp

    Emergency: Account 500 Internal Error

    Hi, I've contacted Support multiple times they replied once acting "professional" asking me to elaborate my issue. But, they never replied they "straight up dipped, bro." and never got back to me. It's been a few weeks now, I need my account back. When I log in or try to connect via FTP I get...
  19. wooprapp

    Logging in error code 500.

    Hi, Lately when I login to my account I been getting an Internal Server Error Code 500. It'll log me in, prepare my account then when I click the button to access my cPanel it returns an Internal Server Error Code 500. I always use a VPN but I've not used a VPN on this account because I know...
  20. wooprapp

    Sub-domains already exist?

    Hi there, Can one of the Administrators please flush my account's DNS Records? I currently have my "One Parked Domain" and "1 Addon Domain"; I've recently setup a sub-domain "api" then I removed it because I figured I'd rather have it on my company's root instead of my project's. So, I then...