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  1. fhogoman

    Error establishing a database connection

    On Stoli and getting "Error establishing a database connection" @ ftp username and pass has not changed / status check indicated no downtime or maintenance going on - mysql server having issues? Any suggestions/ideas Thank You Noel ---------- Post added at 08:20 PM...
  2. fhogoman

    Count to 1 Million

    2390 and many more!
  3. fhogoman

    number of hosted domains

    Currently have free hosting - Would like to know how many domains total can be hosted on my account + procedures to do so if possible
  4. fhogoman

    Link exchange - Rewards, codes and recipes?

    Im starting to create some ads and was looking to see if anyone is interested in link exchange - looking to start with 3 thank you
  5. fhogoman

    NeoBux - the best PTC of them all

    Ill have to check that out!
  6. fhogoman

    4 That special girl that rockt my world...

    Interesting! Good Luck and welcome to X10hosting!
  7. fhogoman

    new and unsure

    personally FTP is the easiet way, quick and I agree with Alex Mac, Filezilla is the way to go!
  8. fhogoman

    hi everyone, publishing my website is a nigthmare

    Welcome to X10!!!! Hope you enjoy the host! Be patient :-)
  9. fhogoman

    best way to make money online

    Ya I started a website (see signature ) and its doing alright! I was suprised to see the results since I wasnt sure how to really get one going - Im still trying to figure out another income stream as well - any thought would be appreciated!
  10. fhogoman

    Come visit!

    Hello and welcome! Interesting mystic art
  11. fhogoman

    Hi everyone at x10hosting!

    Welcome to X10! Well put together website you have!
  12. fhogoman

    $5 Counter-Strike Source

    Awwwe missed out, was ready to get back into CSS!
  13. fhogoman

    Free Accounts Upgraded

  14. fhogoman

    Howdee Partner

    Welcome to X10! Great place, lots of info and support!
  15. fhogoman

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    Check out this link which should help clear up questions you may have regarding upgrading to win7
  16. fhogoman

    Let me introduce myself

    Welcome and I like the name Sinthetik Industries!
  17. fhogoman

    Hey There x10 Hosting

    Welcome! Nice PKO Site
  18. fhogoman

    Looking for Logo

    let me know when you launch your website - I may need logo services
  19. fhogoman

    Looking for Logo

    Interesting, I'll def take a further look into it! Thanks!
  20. fhogoman

    Looking for Logo

    Im hoping someone is looking to expand their website profile by offering free logo design...IF SO, Im looking for someone to create a logo for one of my sites, - Some details are: Color Scheme with #757116 #AEBC21 #D9DB56 #00477F #4C88BE #8DC3E9 or u can get an idea here...