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  1. mactrac11

    cant login,yet i logged into forum -.-

    Ever since the new website look i knew things were gonna happen, well my website is up and running like a breeze, tho every time i try to login to hosting this is what i get An error occurred attempting to process your request. Please try again momentarily. (Error Code DEADBEEF) -.- please help
  2. mactrac11

    how to create a login system

    how do i create a login system for my website i was wanting to test it out (i am just testing things so i cant get a better thought on this stuff) can you guys help me out?
  3. mactrac11

    How to create a login...

    I would like for this thread to be deleted i have noticed this category would not be the best for the question i had.
  4. mactrac11

    I know all free sites are down (or now mostly) but...

    is this page supposed to be showing im not getting a error but this page is the supposed to be shown?
  5. mactrac11

    Cant set signature

    Yup im the new Newb i cant even find where to set my signature could someone please help me by giving a link or directions? i checked all over the settings page any assistance?
  6. mactrac11

    Upgrading my FREE account

    i have looked and looked i just cannot find out HOW to upgrade my FREE account SO, Any help? (the question is simple and straight forward all i need is a link to where i upgrade it)