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    Name your favrouite hardcore tune from any year. myn would be dougal and gammers f*** me im famous. its got an amazin tune.
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    hi, how is every one?
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    why am i unable to post on others threads. I can post my own threads but i am unable to post on any one elses. Why?
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    suspended account help

    my account was suspended for inactivity i got it reactivated but it is still showing up with the decativated page and i can not get it to go away please help thanks?
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    if you where wondering

    my website is visit it if you like and comment here
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    DNS problem

    hi, where do i find the dns server adress because i have just brought a domain and i am unable to configure it to my host because i do not know where i find the dns information. thanks EDIT: what i need is the A, CNAME, AAAA and TXT records for the x10 servers Mail exchange records...