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  1. retiredk

    Website down for five to six hours now

    Seen some posts reference this same thing so waited a bit to no avail. Log in to cPanel hangs at final stage before going to it and the browser searches and searches for the site but hangs also. No messages of any kind. Saw a post where an IP had been banned by the site but was working fine...
  2. retiredk

    Site Issues

    Hi ladies and gentlemen. Usually wouldn't post this as I go to support but as the support link is inoperable, I'll post here. Started earlier tonight, around 0200 CST, getting messages from WP Jetpack that the site was down. Went to check, got to the home page but locked up trying to get to...
  3. retiredk

    Thanks x10!

    Was offline for a while but was welcomed back quickly by the men and women of x10. Such a great service provider. Thanks again all for your hard work and look forward to a long stay again :)