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  1. ciril tomy

    Wacom Introduces Bamboo Stylus For iPad

    Design, ergonomics and natural feel deliver premium writing and sketching experience to iPad users 20th April 2011 – Drawing on its experience and pedigree achieved through the development of interactive professional and consumer pen tablets, Wacom® today announces the Bamboo® Stylus. The pen...
  2. ciril tomy

    Wacom - Bamboo Apps & Dock

    Dear Friends, I have something very interesting and FREE!! to show you, that is Bamboo apps. Bamboo Dock is available in following languages! English Deutsch Nederlands Español Français Italiano Português Polski Русский 简体中文 繁體中文 日本語 한국어 This is created by Wacom pen...
  3. ciril tomy

    Which is your favourite CMS ?

    I say, if you want to have a solid, flexible, modular and most powerful CMS go with Drupal. Every CMS needs some kind of basic skill to get the most out of it, or to extend it's capability by customizing. So if you don't know much HTML, PHP or CSS then it won't easy whichever CMS you use...
  4. ciril tomy

    My site is suspended

    My site is suspended due to inactivity, I was bit busy last two weeks due to Christmas. But I haven't got any notificstion mails even though it is displayed on my Cpanel. I have double checked my contact information email notification address everything is correct, but I have never received...
  5. ciril tomy

    Adobe CS5 Master Collection!!!

    As I promised here I have Adobe CS5 Master Collection!!! for free. But I can't post it here because it's against the forum rule and I had a warning before so if anybody really wanna get this great master piece, contact me through my site form. If this post is illegal please remove it. And I am...
  6. ciril tomy

    Adobe CS5 Trial Download is Available Now!!!

    Happy News!!! Adobe CS5 Trial Download is Available Now, Grab the supercharged CS5 for 30 days trial. The trial downloads are made available both as separate installers for each product (like Adobe Photoshop CS5) and the full suite versions like Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection. This...
  7. ciril tomy

    CKEditor and CKFinder Instalation (Screen Cast) Video (ONLY DRUPAL)!
  8. ciril tomy

    Installation of CKEditor and CKFinder (ONLY FOR DRUPAL)

    This same tutorial was published on Drupal forum long before by me. And I could help so many Drupal Lovers to fix the problem. Stay tuned I have made a custom Syntax Highlighter plug-in for CKEditor. Which works very well with CKEditor and Drupal. No extra modules...
  9. ciril tomy

    Installation of CKEditor and CKFinder (ONLY FOR DRUPAL)

    Hi Everyone, As we all know there is no built-in rich text editor in default Drupal like other CMS platforms, so what do we do? Well there is a solution in the form of Modules!!! those are CKEditor and CKFinder. Read my tutorial here... How to install CKEditor and CKFinder!!! In the...
  10. ciril tomy

    All those who have/had problems with MAMP (Mac)

    Well in my case I couldn't install Drupal on Mac using XAMPP because I was always getting some kind of fatal error every time during installation. So I changed to MAMP which was perfect and cool. Then one-day suddenly I couldn't see the default front page and I didn't have access permission to...
  11. ciril tomy

    All those who have/had problems with MAMP (Mac)

    I am writing this tutorial for anyone who can't open the start page but can open sites in the htdocs directory on MAMP, like me. 1) Stop all running servers. 2) Open up your httpd.conf file in Applications/MAMP/conf/apache/.(Note: I used Coda for editing. if you don't have Coda you can try...
  12. ciril tomy

    Verizon Launching HTC Droid Incredible On April 29th, is it smarter than iPhone?

    Technical Specifications; Dimensions: 4.63" x 2.30" x 0.47" Display: 3.7 inch screen with 480 x 800 WVGA OLED touch screen Platform: Android 2.1 with Google Experience and Sense UI Internal Memory: 8GB Processor: 1 GHz Snapdragon ROM: 748MB Storage: Up to 16GB optional microSD support...
  13. ciril tomy

    Adobe Planning To Sue Apple!!! (Video) FOR MORE VIDEOS FROM ADOBE CEO Shantanu Narayen. adobe-ceo-on-creative-suite-5-and-apple Just wait to finish the Fox news commercial to watch the news. If you have any opinion about this express it here...
  14. ciril tomy

    Google has made a great change to webmaster tools!!!

    Google has changed a lot in this month, the algorithm, analytic, indexing etc... The major changes in Webmaster Tools are; (1) In Dashboard you can see Top search queries with Keyword, Impression and Clickthrough. (2) Google Shows the maximum possible of inbound links. (Backlinks) (3) New Lab...
  15. ciril tomy

    How to Uninstall Xcode Developer Tools (ONLY FOR MAC USERS)

    There is an easy way to do it, just copy this command below and paste it in Terminal window then hit enter sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools --mode=all type your password. (Note: You cannot see your password while typing on terminal window, so just type the corrct...
  16. ciril tomy

    New adobe cs5 has launched!!!!

    NEW ADOBE CS5 HAS LAUNCHED!!!! Checkout the the adobe site for more details. And stay tuned to get THE BRAND NEW PRODUCT FOR FREE!!!8-)
  17. ciril tomy

    How to use a custom cross browser friendly dynamic font on your website?

    Have you ever thought of making a custom styled font on your website, which may not available on your visitor PCs, well there is one solution!! Checkout this tutorial How to use a custom cross browser friendly dynamic font on your website?
  18. ciril tomy

    Help needed!!!!

    Give me more details about your problem. And please note that we are not God to understand what's in your mind or in your site which you find difficult to solve. Give as much details as you can. Then just shout somebody please help me. Don't worry some Good Samaritan will definitely help you.
  19. ciril tomy


    Give enough padding for the main content (for CSS class ".main"). Well I don't understand why you use both ID and Class everywhere the html codes. In your CSS file you have used only class for styling you page then why you wanna use ID. Or use both ID and CLASS in properway. I think you got a...
  20. ciril tomy

    Drupal experts

    Just Click on my profile name and send me a private message. I can't post my email in this forum due to spam and other privacy. I hope you understand.