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    Link/Banner Exchange

    i added you, tell me when to come online.
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    please review my site's new design

    checkout my site's new design and content. and tell me howz it.
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    Link/Banner Exchange

    I want to do a link/banner exchange. That is I'll put your link/banner on my website and you'll put mine. PM me if willing.
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    points for registering and posting on forums

    i don't know. i thought it was working, i haven't come online for quiet a time!
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    The US thinking about Internet censorship!

    Since I am an Indian, the bill doesn't really affect me but I plan to pursue my higher ed in US I guess I would want to sign the petition.
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    Post your specs

    I have got a Toshiba Satellite A505 laptop. Intel Core i3 processor 2.13 Ghz 500 GB HDD 4 GB RAM 16"" wide screen Integrated Graphics and sound card
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    need phpbb3 themes.

    I don't know about your exact requirements or taste. But here's a free phpBB3 template :- I liked it.
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    Fine Art or Digital Art?

    fine art!
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    Phpbb,SMF Or mybb?

    Personally speaking, I have no opinion. I use 2 softwares for my websites - Joomla and Phpbb. Have never used SMF or MyBB. Although I have used forum extensions for Joomla (fireboard, kunena, agora) but they are no where near phpBB.
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    Gay Marriage?

    Gays, lesbians, LGBT, I don't really care about them. They are adults and let them decide their own life. I personally have no problem in two men, two women making love or marrying each other (although it would look a little weird seeing 2 guys kissing each other in public) as long as they are...
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    points for registering and posting on forums

    i'll give 30 points for registering and 4 points per topic and 3 points per reply on my friend's forums. website :
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    Review my site + forums

    a lot of work needs to be done on the template!!
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    Is website server dns changed?

    Even I am getting the same problem and no admin here is willing to help us.
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    remove addon domain

    When I log on to cPanel, I don't see my addon domain. When I was on cossacks I used it that time, now when I am on fris when I go to my domain I get redirected to the default when i visit my domain although I can see the website when i visit the subdomain - And in the cPanel...
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    Cannot access my website, it is being redirected..

    I tried but nothing happened.
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    Cannot access my website, it is being redirected..

    Same is happening with me.
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    remove addon domain

    can u please remove my addon domain from your databases.
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    Suspension due to PHProxy script

    The offender has a point. Your TOS uses the word USED. He didn't used it, he only uploaded it. If you look by the law, the offender is not an offender.
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    Addon domain not working

    My account was on cossacks and have now been transferred to fris. When I logged onto cPanel my addon domain was not there. Also when I go to my domain - it displays this page
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    Site not Ok

    I tried clearing all my browser's cache. I still get this default page. I checked it on Firefox, IE and Chrome. I got the default web page on all 3 browsers even after clearing everything. ---------- Post added at 01:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:23 PM ---------- someone please...