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  1. nandifamily

    My website is not resolving

    I have a website hosted on x10's free server vox. My main domain name is correctly pointed to the nameservers: Yet, I get a domain/host not found error while trying to view my site. It was working fine all the while until now. My DNS is okay and...
  2. nandifamily

    My primary hostname does not resolve

    Hello staff, I'm having a serious issue at free hosting. My hostname does not resolve to my server Vox. I have checked that I have entered the nameservers properly. My site hasn't been loading for the last few months. I had posted about this issue long way back but got no reply. Please...
  3. nandifamily

    Main domain not resolving

    I have a free hosting account with Main domain: Hosting username: nandi Server: vox When I try to open in browser, I get a server not found error. I think this is a name resolution problem. Please resolve it. I'll be grateful. Thanks. :) Sent with love from me to you via HTC...
  4. nandifamily

    Why am I moved to a High Risk plan?

    Dear Admins, My hosting account seems to have moved to a High Risk plan with 500MB diskspace and 10GB bandwidth. I have been using X10hosting for a very long time and my website also falls inline with the ToS. Please remove the restrictions and provide me the full package if possible. Also I...
  5. nandifamily

    Unable to use cPanel

    Today I tried to login to my cPanel on Chopin server. The login page was good. Then after I logged in, cPanel loaded in a small frame in the login area. There were no scroll bars and I was unable to modify anything in my hosting account. :( I tried to change browsers from Firefox to Chrome. Then...
  6. nandifamily

    I need a video capture software

    Hello guys. I need a software that can capture video from any capture device connected to my PC. I have a tape based video camcorder. The only way I can transfer video out of it is by a USB port. There is no firewire option. When I connect it to my PC, it shows up as a capture device. The...
  7. nandifamily

    How do I remove all traces of a program?

    I installed Nero 9 a few months with my own license key that I bought. Now that it had expired, I decided to uninstall Nero. However, after the uninstallation, the Nero links in the context menus and in the autorun prompts still remain. I checked my Program Files and saw that Nero was completely...
  8. nandifamily

    Why was my account suspended for no apt reason?

    Excuse me staff, there is a mistake here. I was suspended for heavy resource usage. BTW, I host only two sites on my hosting account, one of them is static and the other is a WordPress blog. I dont get why I was suspended when I have very few plugins and they are working pretty fine till today...
  9. nandifamily

    My website isnt loading. Showing default page.

    I am on Chopin. And my site is not loading. I am getting default cPanel page on my main domain as well as on my subdomain. However inside cPanel, all is well with my domains. Please fix this issue.
  10. nandifamily

    Making HTC Tattoo access the WiFi network

    I have a HTC Tattoo. And like all Android devices, it has this weird limitation of lack of proxy settings on the WiFi network. For this reason, I cannot access the web on my device and I am finding it useless. I rooted my Android and tried several hacks on it but it still doesnt respect any...
  11. nandifamily

    Batch uploads not working

    I just installed Coppermine Photo Gallery on my website at But the batch upload process is not working. It uploads the photos correctly but does not write it to the filesystem. Keep showing server IO error. I have tried other scripts too but the flash and batch upload never...
  12. nandifamily

    Photo hosting

    Well, I have a few questions. I want to host a photo gallery which is 25gb in size. Can I host them in my free hosting account? Second, please suggest me a good gallery script that consumes very little CPU and loads fast. And please do tell me some ways regarding this to reduce resource...
  13. nandifamily

    Please suggest me a good photo host.

    Well, for some years, I have been hosting my photo gallery at I am really tired of their service and wish to move now. I have tried flickr, photobucket, picasa but the amount of photos I have greatly exceeds their overall limits. I have over 25gigs of pictures alone while...
  14. nandifamily

    Ad-enhanced woes

    Well I am still on x10 adenhanced plan. I have unmetered diskspace but 45gb bw. So will my bw limit be set to infinity? I follow the TOS strictly, so I won't misuse it in any way. Also the adserver and this plan are no longer there. So is it necessary to put the adcode now? I prefer removing it...
  15. nandifamily

    Nginx webserver?

    I have noticed an interesting stuff with Chopin server. Yesterday, when I tried to upload a picture to my social networking script installed at, I got the following error. Request entity too large. NGINX 0.9.x.x (and so on....) I got the message that the file was...
  16. nandifamily

    Addon domain not working after restore.

    Hello staff, My addon domain stopped working after chopin was restored. Instead of loading pages from the site's directory, it shows a default cPanel page. Please fix this problem. Sunit Nandi account name: nandi server: chopin
  17. nandifamily

    The Ad-Enhanced plan should continue

    I have observed that all adfree users and switching over to adfree-infinity to get unmetered disk space and bw. Also, the adenhanced plan is going to be discontinued. Well, I have been on the ad-enhanced plan for a very long time and I liked it. It gives users a little more stuff by just putting...
  18. nandifamily

    Can I host my photo gallery on x10?

    Hello guys, I just wanted to ask you all a question. Am I allowed to host my photo gallery here? It has quite a good number of HQ photos. You can preview the working one at I have always thought of bringing it in here. But I wish to know your opinion and if it is...
  19. nandifamily

    What happened to my MySQL databases?

    Hello everyone, It appears that my MySQL databases have vanished. I had two databases and now they aren't there. Also, the database users have gone missing. I haven't deleted or changed anything since two months so there is no problem on my side. Please help me in recovering my databases if...
  20. nandifamily

    x10 hosting has really helped me

    Hello, x10 guys, how d'u do? Anyway, I am here to give thanks to x10hosting. You guys really saved me from trouble. And you are saving me each and every day. I came running here when I saw your reviews. Previously, I was hosted on They were sure a great host, but they lacked in what...