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    please review my site's new design

    checkout my site's new design and content. and tell me howz it.
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    Link/Banner Exchange

    I want to do a link/banner exchange. That is I'll put your link/banner on my website and you'll put mine. PM me if willing.
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    points for registering and posting on forums

    i'll give 30 points for registering and 4 points per topic and 3 points per reply on my friend's forums. website :
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    remove addon domain

    can u please remove my addon domain from your databases.
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    Addon domain not working

    My account was on cossacks and have now been transferred to fris. When I logged onto cPanel my addon domain was not there. Also when I go to my domain - it displays this page
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    Site not Ok

    I read the server status page and it said that everything on cossacks is now almost ok and our site should be working well by now. when i open my site i get this page : at instead of the index.php page. ---------- Post added...
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    more than 2 days gone

    It's more than 2 days. Still there's no news about Cossacks.
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    site not opening as expected

    my account has been transferred to the new server but when i open my website : i get this default webpage stating :- i checked my cPanel and all my files are there and accessible. when i tried accessing i got a 404 error page. plz help me.
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    site down

    my site is on cossacks. even though the server status message states that you are able to login into cPanel and take a backup. but i can't access my website or cPanel. by the way, when can i expect everything to be normal ?
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    how to compile in visual studio 2010

    i just recently installed ms visual studio 2010. i wrote a c++ program but I don't see anywhere the compile and run options. you have any idea how can I compile and run basic c++ programs in it ?
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    Stupid and funniest questions asked on yahoo answers

    there are many images on the site so I am not willing to put them all here. link to the article :-
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    when will cossacks be ok

    my site is on cossacks server. i wanted to know, when will things be ok at cossacks.
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    Hypnagogic Hallucinations

    Source :- When you are having Hypnagogic Hallucinations you are in a state between awake and sleep. You can hear voices or see visions that you normally see when you...
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    looking for advertising space

    i have a website and i want to buy some advertising space. i am willing to pay 250 credits per month.
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    Review my other site

    I made a site for a company, please review the website : Site template by me.
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    Review my site.

    Please review my site :-, I completely revamped it. Constructive criticism most welcome. Feel free to hangout and comment on my articles.
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    header files not being included in c++ compiler

    hey i downloaded the eclipse c++ compiler and tried creating a program. like the usual first step, i included header files : #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> but it seems that the compiler does not recognize these header files, then i tried with this #include<iostream>...
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    need help in c++

    hey, i am working on my school's c++ project. i need help on this. basically i am making a small banking calculator. it's 70% complete, but i am getting loads of error while compiling. plz help me out on this. i am working with ms visual c++. i have incorporated structures with functions in my...
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    any good university that offers courses in optics

    i wanted to know that is there any good university which offers courses in optics in USA, please don't mention MIT or Stanford
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    website on chopin not working

    my website is on chopin and is not working from the past 3 days. BY THE WAY HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR