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  1. manik

    Is the Free server not working / dead now

    My site is inaccessible. I am also not able to login in free hosting login sso/login. It consistently throws password incorrect. I am also unable to reset password.
  2. manik

    x10Hosting - Website Specified Does Not Exist

    Hi, My website shows a notice page and shows a message that website specified does not exist. Please look into the matter. Manik.:mad:
  3. manik

    Suspended and unable to login

    My site is not working due to suspension. Further, I am unable to login to the account panel. It shows that there is a problem with the username and password which is not so because with the same username and password I can login to the forum. Please see....
  4. manik


    My website does not open. Instead I am getting this page. Please look into
  5. manik

    Parked domain does not work properly

    I have a parked domain The opens but does not open. Please look at. I tried to remove the parked domain and re insert using cpanel but cpanel shows error. Manik.
  6. manik

    I am still on FRIS

    My account panel says that account is still on fris. I did a ping to find where the site actually is. manik@manik:~> ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1...
  7. manik

    Strange Error from Fris. index.php files generate 500 error

    Dear Friends at X10, I am having a strange error which was not occurring when we were on LOTUS. When my site address is typed , it opens which should not be the default page. It should open index.php or index.html by default...
  8. manik

    Suspended condition continues even after Lotus migration

    Dear friends, My hosting account is still suspended for "user transferred to another server" even after the admins declared that the migration is over. neither nor works. Kindly look into the matter. Manik.:mad:
  9. manik

    Hosting Suspension : website misconfiguration, showing default cpanel page.

    Dear Sirs, IMy website is no longer working and instead a Cpanel default page is showing It asks to clear the DNS Cache. I don't know what to do about it. The account panel shows that the user is suspended because:- Your Account is Currently...
  10. manik

    FTP 552 Disk full - please upload later

    The disk space is full in the free server. So I am unable to upload content. Please look into it. The FTP Client reported the following error. Error : 552 Disk full - please upload later
  11. manik

    FTP Problem

    Since 4 days I am trying to log in using both vanilla ftp program and fireftp of mozilla. Login happens. It tries to change to passive mode and then executes MLSD and after that time-outs. Sometimes this happens during change to PASV. I am unable to update my site.
  12. manik

    storage size did not increase

    The storage size is at 500m. It did not increase. Kindly look into. Manik.:dunno:
  13. manik

    JSP anyone?

    X10 provides decent hosting, There is mono .net support. Have the admins thought anything about providing JSP support? That would be wonderful.:cool:
  14. manik

    absolut problems

    I am facing problems to access ftp service on absolut. My address is not accessible now. What to do? I knew that stoli was destined for maintenance. However I found that there was small time disruption of service on absolut also. Manik.
  15. manik

    Hi from Manik

    Hi friends:cool:, It seems that my DNS propagation is complete. You can watch my site at I am a lecturer at an Engineering College in the state of Orissa in India and I am also a freelance writer and software developer. Several of my works till date is available in the...
  16. manik

    New user Suspended twice already

    Hi, I am Manik, a new user of x10 hosting and a Lecturer at an Engineering College by profession:cool:. I am trying to migrate from my paid hosting to this free one because of lack of proper support and monetary loss and administrative problems at my host's end in India:mad:. During the creation...
  17. manik

    how to use my own domain?

    I have my own domain and I need to link it with the hosting account. How to do it? I don't have any information.