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  1. Afterburn

    [WIP] RPG Reviewers 0.2b

    Recently I decided to start my old hobby and do reviews based on websites and what more than those pesky RPG's websites Well I've been trying to make a new style with the new template system of wBB and well, its coming along great. I have a couple of errors here and there but i think its okay...
  2. Afterburn

    Selling Google Adsense Account - $76+ Loaded!!!

    Yes I am selling my google adsense account because I am in super need of money. I have a craigslist ad here: But you guys can message me through here or there, you decide. The account has $76+ in it already earned and I am selling it for...
  3. Afterburn

    $5 Web Templates!! BIG SALE!!

    Hello, I have recently opened my web design page and its been a hit, in order to honor customers and past customers. I am selling copies of my templates for only $5. Coded and with a full PSD file! Don't wait, I will only sell about 5 of each! Hope to see you...
  4. Afterburn

    Designs, Logos & Etc...For x10 Cash!!

    i am making Designs, logos, signatures, avatars and any other images you guys need for x10cash. Call me your local designs dealer ;). Anyways, Here are the prices for each. Website Layouts (Simple + Semi-Complex): $5000 x10cash Banners: $1000 x10cash Logos: $700 x10cash Signatures: $200...
  5. Afterburn

    Layouts for x10 cash!!! Go to this site and its mine btw, just let me know what site you want and we'll do an exchange for a copy of the sites :D. FireDreams : $7000 x10cash Infinite Drive : $5000 x10cash HackNet : $8000 x10cash All of these will come sliced and...
  6. Afterburn

    Forum Rules?

    Well Im not the forum Moderator, But I think we can get some more information about the websites by using a form. Maybe we can implement something like this here. Website Name: (Name Duh...) Website URL: (...URL....) Category: (Gaming, Clan, Webdesign, Blog....) Site Description: (My site is...
  7. Afterburn

    SMTP Outgoing Error

    Hi, I know im part of the free hosting community, but I was wondering if you can help me out here. For the past 3 days I've been able to send emails through my domain, using Mozilla Thunderbird, but just today I was unable to do it. It says the outgoing server could not connect...
  8. Afterburn

    Website Showcase

    How about creating a forum for members to show off their websites? we can rate sites and give suggestions and as well receive that :biggrin:
  9. Afterburn

    My Website, Final Fantasy Executive

    Hey guys, well just recently i have been working on my newest design and have completed a style and and postbit for it. If you guys can help me with anything with suggestions, please let me know. NOTE, its not 100% done, thats why i need some feedback from you guys...
  10. Afterburn

    hi you guys doing?

    hi how are you guys doing? Im somewhat new here, and i am working on a final fantasy site, just a little different with Legend of Zelda. See you guys soon!
  11. Afterburn

    PHP Include Support

    Hey guys, well my problem is with the php version I believe but i can't be 100 sure. I am coding a webpage in html but renamed it .PHP instead of .HTM, and I have inserted a php tag in there as follows: <?php include "content/$action.htm"; ?> So whenever I go to request the page at...
  12. Afterburn

    Afterburn here to help!

    Hello there my friends, well future friends :P I have arrived here to receive hosting for my webdesign site I will be creating soon, so ya, hopefully this gives me an opportunity in which will open new doors for you guys whenever you guys need help. Well my sites name will hopefully be...
  13. Afterburn

    Validating my Email

    Hello there people, my name is Afterburn (Oscar too), and I saw your website that offers free webhosting and I wanted to reserve some space for my webdesign site that I will be creating/created. And well I received my email concerning the daily lottery and I wanted to know why the link isn't...