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  1. kundandeveloper47

    Delete my account

    well from two days my website has been suspended for using null script don't know whether it is right or wrong I applied for support ticket but no reply on that I asked for removing those null script so that I can continue using free hosting service but no mods or admin are interested in...
  2. kundandeveloper47

    Made a mistake of voiding terms and conditions

    Dear sir, I was unable to use my PHPBB forum on x10hosting for some reasons so I tried using nulled Vbulletin version (from internet) just to test whether the forum files has problem or the SQL problem is there I tried other free forums too but none of them worked. so I uploaded...
  3. kundandeveloper47


    Hello all I am Kundan Kumar just joined x10hosting to host my website. to just start my personal website to get connected to internet. Thanks to all staff and owners for creating such a beautiful place for us and for free :D