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  1. David

    Sub-Domain Script

    You need to do some research on DNS and networking and stuff. :P Especially before working on something like this.
  2. David

    Sub-Domain Script

    What nameserver is being used and is there cPanel or something to work from?
  3. David

    YouTube: An Artistic Goldmine?

    What do you guys/gals listen to on YT?
  4. David

    You can PM me :P or send me a memo on IRC if you want. I'll respond ASAP.

    You can PM me :P or send me a memo on IRC if you want. I'll respond ASAP.
  5. David

    I think it's time to move elsewhere...

    Our paid hosting service is much more lenient and has 99.99% uptime, priority support (you get a special support area just for paid members and ticket responses are generally within a few hours to a few minutes!), less restrictions, low rates and more. I would be thrilled if you would give one...
  6. David

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mud

    Keep a planner thingy. I have a stylish leather one with a nice notepad in the back. I'd be lost without it. Though, given the new inserts are costly at times, I'm considering moving over to a calendar application.
  7. David

    YouTube: An Artistic Goldmine?

    Its nice to listen to music that just sounds good, too, don't get me wrong, but I love the raw emotion that many of these YouTube artists are showing in their work. It's not a quality you find in many artists these days. Think about it, when you write a song, you know the exact emotional...
  8. David

    YouTube: An Artistic Goldmine?

    I know, and it allows artists to be artists, and not have a giant label dictating their sound. It's great!
  9. David

    Gay marriage? Agree or disagree?

    I'm not saying it is entirely religious, the original context of marriage from most of my research (there are other instances in other cultures, I speak and reference mainly European customs and American) is uniting a man and a woman in holy matrimony. I am in NO way saying only Christians or...
  10. David

    YouTube: An Artistic Goldmine?

    I've always been interested in musicians who haven't "made it" yet, mainly because they have their own style and a quality you just don't find in artists with a label, mainly because artists signed to a label have to essentially produce the type of music their label tells them too. Further...
  11. David

    Gay marriage? Agree or disagree?

    I'm going to make my opinion on this matter very simple. This junior in high school has the right idea. Another very simple answer: Disestablishmentarianism: The separation of Church and State. Marriage is a religious ceremony wherein a man and a woman are joined in holy matrimony. Why...
  12. David

    You wouldn't steal a CD...

    OHhhhhhh! I totally get your point now! I should have seen it before. So, next time I take my family out to dinner, and say, oh I don't know, the lettuce on my salad just wasn't quite as green as I'd hoped for, I should just complain to the manager until he or she comps my meal, and if they...
  13. David

    You wouldn't steal a CD...

    Well, actually, artists generally make no money from record sales. Most labels, as part of a signing contract, require new artists to front some of the money for production costs (studio and CD writing/distro). The actual artists themselves seen almost nothing, if nothing at all, from CD sales...
  14. David

    This site is ridiculous
  15. David

    Account Suspended

    We do not unsuspend accounts that have broken the law or our our ToS. Users who have violated our ToS do not receive unsuspensions, and do not regain access to their accounts. Their account remains in the Suspended Pending Termination queue, until such time as it is processed and terminated...
  16. David

    account suspended

    Closed to prevent further....issues. If you experience further problems with your account, you may open a new ticket. Best Regards, David Scherer
  17. David

    account suspended

    This is an inactivity suspension, you can manually unsuspend yourself from your ACP. You are required as per our ToS to login to your FORUM account every 31 days to prevent your account from being suspended. I have unsuspended your hosting account, but remember to login once 31 days.
  18. David

    2000th Post! :D

    Hmmmmmm......who do I want to win..... *goes of to ACP to flip coins and boost post counts* ;)
  19. David

    IRC? What? Thanks, it is/was. :D

    IRC? What? Thanks, it is/was. :D
  20. David

    Well naturally.

    Well naturally.